7 Amazing Bathroom Design Trends for 2020

7 Amazing Bathroom Design Trends for 2020

As summer heat settles in and renovation projects kick into full swing, get some inspiration from these 7 amazing 2020 bathroom design trends!

When you're looking to tackle a new project and update your home, look no further than your bathroom.

Bathrooms often are a neglected part of the house since they tend to be smaller. But with a few fresh changes or more substantial updates, you'll be happier and set yourself up for a good return on investment down the road.

Keep reading to learn about the 2020 bathroom design trends that are sure to add style to your home!

1. 2020 Bathroom Design Trends Reboot Old Favorites

Old trends that seemed dated ten years ago have come back in fashion! Many people may remember that the 80s and 90s were all about brass fixtures. Although shiny brass fixtures cycled out of style as we entered the new century, they are back as a way to add glitz and glamour to bathrooms.

The same goes for skirted sinks, retro fixtures that channel the 50s, and clawfoot tubs. If there's one thing to remember when you're revamping your bathroom, it's that mixing and matching styles from different eras is perfectly okay to do. If you like your spaces to look a little quirkier, go for it!

2. Go Bold With Black

Low-contrast beige is one style choice from the 90s that isn't as popular now — quite the opposite is true! 2020 bathroom design trends favor more drama and contrast. Don't be afraid to go for a little intensity and add a punch of black paint to your walls.

If painting an entire wall black is a step too far for your comfort, upgrade fixtures like doorknobs and towel racks for a more subtle approach. In the market for a new bathroom cabinet? Opt for one painted black with glass doors for a crisp, elegant touch.

And if you want to be bold and retro, install some checkerboard floors. You'll transport your bathroom back to the 1930s!

3. Mix Wood With An Industrial Style

Combining wood and metal has been a popular choice in furniture design over the past decade, and the combo is now hitting bathrooms. You get the best of both worlds: warmth and clean design.

Many people like the industrial style for its focus on subtle surface textures and clean lines. There's nothing busy or distracting about it, and it provides a zen experience when you're brushing your teeth in the morning.

If the concrete or metal starts to feel too cold, touches of wood act as the perfect balance. Consider a maple vanity or some oak shelves in a rich finish. The wood grain will pop against the industrial gray tones.

4. Try Out Some Patterns (And Maybe Wallpaper!)

Yes, that's right — wallpaper is making a comeback. Whether it's floral motifs or chevron, the paper we tend to think of as stodgy and old is on the rise again. Some think it's due to the nostalgic appeal of seeing busy patterns on the walls.

The likelier reason is that amazing artists are creating original and modern designs that don't look like they stepped out of the past. If you have the budget to spring for handcrafted wallpapers, plenty of designers offer screen-printed designs for an artsy, fresh look.

You can bring texture and artistry to a sterile environment. If you're reluctant to go all the way by covering the whole room, a simple accent wall of wallpaper or bold, textured artwork is a good call.

5. Make It Marble

When you think of marble, you probably think of a classy, refined space. Now that can be your bathroom.

Marble is light and airy, making it the perfect choice for a bathroom. You can try marble floors or walls, for instance, to add a touch of texture and movement to a sterile space. The only drawback is that marble is among the pricier options for a bathroom update.

6. Opt For a Bigger Shower or Tub

The days of cramped showers and tubs are over, according to the current bathroom interior design trends. Big and open showers and tubs are in!

An open shower refers to one that is not enclosed by a curtain — and sometimes not even by glass. These showers are not for the modest, but they do let you enjoy the luxury of space.

In the same way, bigger tubs provide a more inviting place to decompress at the end of a long day. If you can't make it to a resort midweek, at least you'll have a tranquil space in your home.

And speaking of tranquil, don't forget about good lighting. After spending the day working under unflattering office lights or the hot sun, softer lights are a must. Yes, you'll want clear lighting near your mirrors so you can assess your makeup or shaving in the morning, but think about adding dimmer capabilities for those nights in a sudsy bubble bath.

7. Accessorize If You're On a Budget

If marble, wood, or a new shower are beyond your means, don't sweat it. There are plenty of less expensive ways to spruce up your bathroom.

Add a glass jar with some fresh flowers or fragrant soaps to your vanity. Swap in some new artwork and decorative towels, or find a jazzier shower curtain. You don't have to spend a lot to see the impact of small design changes.

And while you're at, check what's going on behind the scenes in your bathroom. Is your water pressure low? Is that gorgeous sink draining well?

If not, you could have a main water line problem. Call a professional if you have concerns since you want your bathroom to be a restful sanctuary, not the site of burst pipes!

Start Designing Today

All it takes is some creativity, design sense, and maybe a little help to give your bathroom a makeover. These 2020 bathroom design trends represent a variety of flavors and allow for originality.

Do some brainstorming and shopping, and then get started! For other helpful articles on home decor, DIY projects, and outdoor activities, check out some of our other articles.

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