6 Warning Signs That Your Website Needs a Redesign

website redesign

If you haven’t updated your website for more than a couple of years, you must update it. As your website is not getting any credible interactions. Nearly 75% of web users look at the designs on a company’s website to judge its credibility. 

Thus, an easily navigable, well-designed and engaging website is crucial for any online business. Your website should meet the needs of your customers as well as your business.

In this post, we have focused on the 6 warning signs that indicate that your website needs a makeover:

1. You are not getting good conversion rates on your website

Every online business should primarily focus on generating more leads. In fact, converting more leads on your site should be the main aim of your marketing strategy. This is because you don’t just need traffic to your site. You need to propel your visitors to become your regular customers. And, if your website is not able to generate more leads for your business, it is advisable to optimise it.

Site optimisation will assist you to attract new customers and also find out the visitors that are looking for the products and services that you offer. Here are some useful tips that can help you to generate higher leads and build a compelling content for your site.

  • Make your content informative;
  • Optimise the landing pages;
  • Use Catchy calls-to-action;
  • Use appealing and relevant headlines;
  • Focus on improving your user’s experience;
  • Use concise and clear contact forms.

2. You don’t use blogs

When it comes to attracting more customers to your site or appealing the existing ones. Blogs are the best option to impress your users. It will make your site more conversational and help you to create a rapport with your customers. For example, if you run an online natural beauty hacks business, you can post blogs about “The advantages of applying Apple Cider Vinegar on your Hair”.

Google search engines support new content. If you can provide fresh and exciting information to your visitors, you can easily attract more clients. Updating fresh blogs for your visitors show that you have good knowledge in your selected industry. It will also create an impression in the minds of your visitors that you can provide useful services.

3. You don’t have any social media accounts

It is obvious that these days many successful online businesses use social media websites. As such, it is wise to think twice about how you are using your site. Particularly if you don’t have social media profiles.

These days a huge number of people across the globe are social media enthusiasts. Thus, social media is like a virtual magazine for the online businesses. It is crucial to have your social media account linked to your site.

This will help you to not miss the endless opportunities that social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook may bring to you. You should also make sure that you display your social media icons on the site.

4. You are not getting adequate SEO traffic

For those who are SEO savvy, watching your site pop-up and listing your services in Google search is the best thing. But you will need to update your website to rank your pages for your selected keywords. Thus, optimising your site for search engines is very important. Also, make sure to use updated keywords so the current web users can easily select your site.

5. Your site is non-responsive

When a website is non-responsive it is the most annoying thing for web users. Of course, a website should be able to easily adapt to the screens of different smart devices like tablets, mobile phones, etc. In fact, most of the new generation browse websites with their smart phones.

Therefore, you should make sure to optimise your site for mobile phones. And, you can also do the Mobile –Friendly test from Google, if you are doubtful that your website is not working well on smartphones.

6. Your site design doesn’t look appealing

Every visitor can easily decide if a website design is user friendly or not. So, if your site designs don’t look that appealing to you, it will simply waste your marketing efforts. It is essential to keep your site creative and straightforward as well. Your website should clearly speak about your products and services. For example, if you run a business about interior designing, your site must make an impression that you work well with harmony and colors.

Remember that the people living in the real world are actually connected with the digital world as well. Thus, don’t let the internet forget about your site just like another outdated website.

Need a help with a redesign of your website, contacting reputable Web Design Company can solve your problems.

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