5 Tips to Regain Your Pride by Avoiding Hair Loss

Hair loss

Whether you accept it or not, our appearance sure carries a lot of weight when it comes to our natural confidence. The more appealing you look, the more confident you are, that’s the norm of the day. But don’t get us wrong, we’re not saying that you cannot be confident if you don’t fall in the brackets of society’s accepted standards for beauty, which is certainly not the case. But having bigger biceps, 6-pack abs, toned legs, and a chiselled face are all nice addition to the catalogue aren’t they? The thing is, our hair play a more than an important role in making us more or less attractive, and taking good care of it, goes a long way in making you feel pride when it comes to the way you look. So without wasting any second, let’s discuss the five greatest tips that you can follow and regain pride by avoiding hair loss.

Egg whites and Yogurt:

Might seem a little gross at times, but a freshly prepared solution of egg whites and yogurt and do wonders for you if you want to prevent hair loss. For this, take whites of two eggs and add some yogurt to it, then finally apply it to the hair. This tip has been in use for as long as our memory takes us back, particularly in the Indian subcontinent, and people have been avoiding the loss of hair consistently. Besides, you can even add curd paste to the mix and enjoy an even more effective solution for your hair.

Aloe Vera:

An extract that grows in Aloe Vera plants, this is as natural as it can get. Aloe Vera has been scientifically proven to be very healthy and helpful for us humans in a number of different uses. Be it our digestive system, our skin, and even the growth of hair, applying fresh Aloe Vera gel to your head can dramatically increase the production of hair. Apart from that, Aloe Vera is edible, which means you can also take it orally and improve a lot of bodily functions, it is THAT good.

Get a hair transplant:

For some people even if they take care of their hair more than anyone else, genetic inheritance is inevitable. If you are inherited hair loss problem from your family, you can just delay hair loss by applying the tips. But you cannot prevent it. However, these people that are genetically unlucky are not alone. If you are getting bald, there are different alternatives to help you enjoy a fine head of hair quickly and effectively. We are talking about getting a hair transplant, it might be a little expensive of course, but there are many packages and multiple options available for you to pick and choose from. If you search, you can find the best transplantation option for a cheap price.

Dealing with Stress effectively:

Even if you are not physically harming your hair or the follicles, your hair can still fall. WHY? Because of psychological reasons. Things like stress, cortisol, and other things like that can really cause your hair to fall like the Niagara. So if you are looking to preserve your precious hair, you should always keep close tabs on your stress and cortisol levels. Keeping them as low as possible is the key to success, so never underestimate their importance to the cause.

Enjoy a good night’s sleep:

Sleep is our body’s natural way to heal things. Be it emotional, physical, or psychological, a good quality sleep, of usually 7-9 hours, can really improve everything inside your body, so it is like visiting a pit stop in the middle of a race. Similarly, a good sleep can also cause you to grow good hair, naturally, without having to use any other product or following any other strategy.


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As far as hair loss is concerned, it is never an overnight phenomenon. Hair loss happens in a gradual manner over time. When it happens slow and steady, it becomes easier for you to deal with it as long as you have the awareness. If you are determined, you can prevent hair loss to a great extent and if you do not take care of it, then it becomes worse with time.