5 Time Management Skills From Startup CEOs Around The World

5 Time Management Skills From Startup CEOs Around The World

Time management skills are extremely important, not only in the workplace but also in our daily lives. How to arrange the time that balances work and our personal life? This article will reveal the 5 excellent ways to manage time effectively for the start-up CEOs around the world.

Make use of modern technology

Who said that work is only really effective when we are placed within the walls of the workplace?

Jay Meistrich – founder of application Moo.do certainly does not think so! Since 2014, Meistrich has traveled to more than 20 countries, 45 cities and still manages to work 50 hours per week. His recipe is to take full advantage of devices and applications of the modern technology such as smartphones, laptops, skype – all to plan and track projects and also to participate in important meetings.

For Meistrich, travelling does not equivalent to rest. It gives him more creative inspirations and positive energy to increase productivity.


Make a list of priorities

Due to the nature of her work, Nguyen Phuong Anh – Director of Marketing at Google Vietnam – has to move constantly from Vietnam to Singapore and vice versa. Her day begins with checking emails, addressing urgent matters, and continuing her unfinished projects. Instead of working on and solving all workload at one go, she sorts tasks according to their degree of importance and completes them in that order, from most important to the least important.

“Success does not come to those in a hurry, but to those that have a process” - The British. Start the day with a priority list of three to five to-do tasks, allocate time to it, and complete them on time.


Do not procrastinate

Hui Ling is the co-founder of Grabtaxi and plays a very important role in the company. There are 3 important tips for not procrastinating – highly concentrated while working, giving relentless effort, and not forgetting to reward yourself after every achievement as this maintains positivity and rejuvenates a person. Much of Hui Ling’s work is product logistics, personnel management, and customer support. She believes that when there is dedication, results will eventually come. 


Simplify the complex

Leading a company with employees from 22 different countries, David Chmelar – CEO of iprice always keeps a modern management style and is always friendly to his beloved colleagues.

He said that to use time effectively, leaders must embody the vision and simplify complex processes. In other words, you need to set a certain standard to arrange and carry out the work, always adhere to the principle and thereby navigate scientific work to minimize risks. In addition, when problems arise, a positive attitude and optimism will help you resolve conflicts and save time. 


Wake up early

These tips come from the CEO with the highest earnings in the United States – Nick Woodman from GoPro. What are his tips? Don’t start the day going straight to the office. Nick Woodman starts off his day playing with his two sons and delivers them to school. He advised to wake up 30 – 45 minutes early each day so you will have time to exercise, have breakfast, watch the news, and accustom the mind to relax before the start of a busy day.

There are many ways to manage and use time efficiently. As mentioned above, each CEO has different ways of managing time, but they all have one thing in common, a successful time management plan where they can fully utilise their time to become more efficient, organized, and systematic. You too can have your own way of managing your time, as long as it works fine for you then it is good time management. 

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