5 Reasons Why You Should Switch to Organic Makeup and Skincare Immediately

Makeup and skincare products are essential beauty items used by the large majority of women, all over the world. Wearing makeup provides women the freedom to express their unique styles, in a most empowering way, while skincare products allow them to nurture their skin and preserve their confidence wholeheartedly.

Unfortunately, young women today face a significant amount of social pressure to meet an unachievable standard of “beauty”. And while choosing to wear makeup does indeed help to augment one’s self-esteem and personal appearance; it does also imperil the wearer to a range of health concerns.

Researchers are beginning to discover and reveal that certain ingredients in beauty and skincare products may be carcinogenic and also linked Alzheimer’s disease. This has caused outrage among many; though you can rest assured that there is a wealth of effective alternatives to synthetic makeup and beautify products to help tackle these growing concerns.

Below you will discover 5 reasons why you should seriously consider switching to Organic Makeup and Skincare Products:

1: No Harsh Chemicals are used

There’s no denying that certain chemicals may be effective for improving your appearance (albeit temporarily), however the chemicals used in traditional makeup are irrefutably harsh, particularly for those with sensitive skin.

Phthalates and parabens are two great examples of compounds that can be terribly detrimental to your health, both of which have links to type 2 diabetes and cancer.

2: It’s better for the Environment

Conventional makeups and beauty products rely on a vast quantity of chemicals and petroleum based ingredients for their production. It is these compounds that are generally detrimental substance, such as aluminium lad and petroleum, all of which are obtained through extensive mining. Granted, you as individual swapping to Organic skincare products won’t to do a great deal in the way of preventing the recession of such sensitive and beautiful areas as the Amazon Rain Forest (where much of this mining is done); though it certainly is a start!

3: They Boast a Natural Fragrance

The various scents from the majority of beauty products consist of a cocktail of chemicals, and are inhaled throughout the day by those who wear them. These synthetic aromas render your body exposed to a range of toxic effects. Research has linked these toxins to allergies, birth defects, nervous system disorders and even cancer.

When you are looking for the right beauty products for you, you should always endeavour to opt for scents that are borne by 100% natural ingredients.

4: They’re Rich in Nutrients

Our skin has the natural capacity to absorb a great deal, and while a protective barrier is able to effectively keep many dangerous compounds out of the body; research shows that regularly applying conventional skincare products can lead to a torrent of health issues.

If you’re unsure as to how you can differentiate between what is great for your skin and what is not, always remember this rule: if you can’t eat it, don’t wear it.

Check Cocoa butter for example; it is the leading natural moisturiser on the market, as it provides essential fatty acids for youthful and healthy skin. It is natural oils like this that are rich in nutrients which provide skin with a smoother look, absent any concerns for your health.
How could you possibly go wrong when opting for products with added nutritive components and herbal extracts, as opposed to those with a list of incomprehensible chemically sounding words?

5: Avoid Prematurely Aging your Skin

Naturally produced makeup and skincare products that are filled with natural minerals typically provide a certain level of sun protection. Your facial skin is much thinner and thus is slightly more susceptible to UV-related aging of the skin. When you opt for a natural, mineral-rich organic product; you are essentially investing in your youth.

Why go for products that dry out your skin and make it feel rough and worn? Sure you may look beautiful while your face is covered in these products, though you’ll only regret it in the long run, I assure you!

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