How To Use An Eau De Toilette To Get The Best Out Of It

Eau De Toilette

What is an Eau De Toilette?

Eau de toilette, generally known as EDT, is a light-scented fragrance. It contains fewer fragrant oils than pure perfume. The name of the category comes from a French word that means "getting ready." It's a perfect choice if you want a mild perfume to freshen your senses. The word describes a type of perfume. The proportion of "perfume essence" and the amount of alcohol defines perfume categories. Natural elements, essential oils, perfume extracts, etc, are all included in perfume extract.

Eau de toilette is a mild spray formulation that is one of the most common fragrance categories. Its scent has 4 to 15% pure perfume extract and lasts for 3 to 4 hours in general. Many people consider this to be a midday perfume. There are other categories of fragrances. Eau de Perfume, Eau Fraiche, Eau de cologne, or Perfume/Parfum are some. Among these categories, Eau Fraiche is the lightest concentration. Perfume/ Parfum generally performs the best on the human body. Usually, the perfume category is the most expensive one on the market.

Eau de Toilette stands in the third position of concentration among these categories.


EDT for Men or Women?

Both Men and Women can use an EDT. However, the industry has set some examples over the years. Usually, promotional campaigns show the EDP or perfumes that are best for women. Similarly, they advertise Colognes as men's fragrances. But, it's not established on the basis of acceptability. It is the way it has always been. But there are beautiful feminine fragrances in the EDT category nowadays.


How to use an EDT?

The rules for using an EDP are the same as those for other ones. One must keep a few issues in mind while spraying. For example, Skin Condition, time, place, humidity, temperature, and crowd.


1. Skin Condition: An EDT is best to use on dry skin. If using after a shower, make sure your skin is dry enough to absorb the spray. You should target the spray on your chest, neck, lower jaw, wrist, forearm, inner elbow, and shoulders. All these are warm spots on your body.

2. Time: It is best to use an EDT in the daytime as it carries a light, refreshing vibe of fragrance. A mid-day lunch or regular office wear fragrances can be in this category.

3. Place: You have to choose the place wisely to wear an EDT. An evening party or music festival or concert is not an ideal place to wear an EDT. Even not at wedding parties. EDTs are not the fragrances that draw attention so it’s a simple game to play. Wherever you don’t want the spotlight on you, wear an EDT.

4. Environment: Humid weather doesn’t play too well with EDTs. In case of excessive sweating, it is important to wear something heavy. EDTs are best on dry, sunny days as they are light.


Projection and Longevity (EDT vs EDP)

In the case of projection, EDT should show more projection than the EDP. EDT has more alcohol in the formulation. And we all know that more alcohol means more evaporation. Based on that theory, EDTs can be the least lasting because of the less perfume extract. But it can also spread a lot more because of the high amount of alcohol. This means that if you keep reapplying an EDT, you can get an awesome performance from the fragrance.


How do you choose the Best EDT?

Consider how long you want your scent to stay, your budget, and the environment. Then, choose the fragrance to buy. An eau de toilette can always be a better choice if you want a daytime smell or work in a restrictive workplace.

It would help if you also thought about your specific preferences and skin biology because Eau de toilettes can react differently on different people. It's best to test the scent if at all possible. A refreshing eau de toilette is a great option for everyday wear. Its top-heavy composition makes it ideal for layering techniques when applying fragrances.

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