5 Effective Tools of Online Marketing and How to Incorporate Them in Your Business

5 Effective Tools of Online Marketing and How to Incorporate Them in Your Business

Modern consumers are more often ready to spend their money on the Internet and they do it with pleasure. You may find your new clients on the Internet. The time of traditional marketing has passed. Most people got tired of paper leaflets and don’t trust this marketing tool anymore. Internet marketing offers you new ways to tell the world about your brand or service.

What is internet marketing?

Internet marketing is actions aimed at advertising your goods and services on the Internet. The main goal of internet marketing is to turn the visitors of the web page into a buyer and increase the profit. 

Internet marketing has 3 main advantages that differentiate it from traditional marketing:

  • Interactivity. On the Internet, you have the ability to interact with the audience and maintain a good image of your brand.
  • Web analytics. It allows you to understand which actions were the most effective and attract more consumers to your web page. This may help improve brand recognition and increase profit. 
  • Targeting. It allows you to target the audience you are more interested in. This will positively affect your sales.

Main tools of internet marketing


There are different types of ads on the Internet. There are contextual, media, targeted, banner, and RTB advertising. Since there are no clear boundaries between ad types, it is recommended to divide ads by channels. The main channels include search engines, social networks, mobile applications, and video channels.

It is recommended to launch an advertising campaign in a comprehensive manner. Select several channels and create an ad according to the needs of your target audience. Use precise targeting to narrow the advertising reach and increase the performance of your ad. Choose a relevant landing page for every part of your target audience. 

If you are promoting a specific product then the visitor of your web page must be redirected to the web page where the description of the product is available. Make sure that message in your ad matches the information on your landing page. This will help you increase conversion.


SEO is website advertising on the Internet that includes a large range of work including internal and external optimization. It is important to eliminate technical problems, improve the structure of the site, and add on the web page information that is necessary for your visitors. 

However, even the best SEO specialist will not be able to create a successful marketing campaign. You need a team to create a good ad strategy. You may take the advantages of an SEO agency to create your ad. 


SMM is work with users on social networks. SMM is perfect to form loyalty, generate sales, improve customer support, and receive feedback. Evaluate company resources before creating SMM channels. If your company regularly shoots product videos, then create a YouTube channel. If the company makes high-quality interesting photos then post them on Instagram.

Content marketing

Content marketing is advertising through publications on social media. One of the main benefits of content marketing on the Internet is cheap leads. However, leads will be cheap only for companies that already have a large audience. Then you will be able to convert visitors into buyers using useful and interesting content. 

If there is no traffic on your social media yet, then content marketing will become an expensive and long term tool. There will be no audience to read good articles while the distribution of content will be as expensive as SEO and SMM.

Online Reputation Management

Online Reputation Management is a set of measures aimed at tracking brand mentions, working with negative reviews, and creating a positive image of your brand. If someone left a negative review of your brand on the Internet, you need to process it correctly. Depending on the circumstances you may apologize, publish a rebuttal publication, or block off with positive publications and reviews.

Reviews are an important part of online reputation management. Ask loyal customers to write a review and post them on your web page or in your social networks. It is important to write an answer to each negative review. Communicate with users politely and friendly. Try to solve their problems to create a good image for your company.

How to incorporate internet marketing strategy in your business


In the beginning, it crucial to find your place on the Internet. If you have a website or landing page, analyze the site’s position, the volume and sources of traffic, and the usability of your webpage. The information about traffic, conversion, and data about visitors may be taken from the analytics system like Yandex, Metrica, or Google Analytics. Services like Topvisor or MegaIndex will help you find your position.

In addition to analyzing your own web page, it is recommended to analyze competitors. Compare your rates and look at their pages and online marketing strategies. Information about their contractors and cash flow management may also be useful for you. If you want to outperform your competitors, you need to develop a better strategy.


Define the main goal of your internet marketing strategy. Along with the main goal you need to consider such financial indicators as revenue, margin, or profit. It is recommended to focus on profit as other indicators do not include expenses. 

If the company’s revenue growth, this does not automatically mean that business is successful. If a large group of customers regularly buys goods with a minimum margin, this doesn’t move the business up. It pulls your business down, even if revenue increases.

It is also not very effective to set goals based on traffic volume or place in search results. Most visitors will not bring great profit if your web page has poor navigation and usability. The owner may spend a lot of money on SEO, but the result will not pay off.

It is crucial to develop a good promotion strategy. You need to set tasks and select proper internet marketing tools. Set the interim dates and indicators that you want to achieve during this time. Make a strategy in the form of a document to make it more realistic. Coordinate your internet marketing strategy with the employees who will be involved in its implementation.

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