5 Eco-Friendly Decorating Ideas For Your House

5 Eco-Friendly Decorating Ideas For Your House

Many homeowners are aware of the importance of limiting their carbon footprint as well as keeping things eco-friendly to help the environment. Even when decorating their homes, more and more people like to keep the environment in mind. Suppliers for interior design and decorations have also taken the environment into consideration. The following are 5 eco-friendly decorating ideas for your house which are great for all seasons.

1. Environment-Friendly Wood or Stone

Wood floors are making their statement these days and they may be here to stay. Suppliers and designers keep in mind sustainability when they offer bamboo or cork flooring for your home. These are very durable and are usually ethically harvested and produced. Cork is also a great option because it is from a renewable source (the exterior bark is harvested while the actual tree is left standing to provide more harvests in the years to come) and provides a cushy feel, similar to carpeting.

You can also try our stone flooring which may come out expensive initially but there are some locally sourced stone which lessens transport costs and carbon emissions. Local suppliers might also be more accommodating when it comes to specific sizes that you might need for your flooring or walling needs. Stone or concrete may not need chemical finishing which helps the environment also.

Another option for wood flooring or interior wood decoration is to source repurposed wood. These are wood from old dismantled buildings or structures which are still in good shape. Many of these are actually hardwood and may just have small nicks or nail marks on them. These repurposed wood appear to have their own character and will add a striking appeal in your interior. They can also be used as exposed beams, furniture, frames, jambs and many more.

2. Preloved Furniture and Decor

Another responsible way of keeping your carbon footprint minimal is to recycle your old furniture or to scout for preloved items in flea markets or local garage sales. Some furniture just needs a little dusting off or repainting in order to serve a better purpose. Check out your attic or store room if you have old furniture and try to visualize it in a brighter or different color. Chairs and sofas can be reupholstered using environment friendly upholstery and non-toxic finishes.

Some pieces might be put to another alternative purpose. Small bookshelves can be converted to a shoe rack while a large, traditional style sewing machine table can be made into a coffee table for your breakfast nook. Some stools can be made into low tables or plant containers.

3. Paint

Paint is one of the highly debated options for home decorating. This is because traditional paint contained volatile organic compounds that were harmful to the environment and to the people in the house. Despite this, paint is often necessary when it comes to creating a mood or ambiance of a room or area of a home. Paint manufacturers now produced different levels of paints which range from low VOC to zero VOC. Natural paints which may be zero VOC are highly desirable but they may not be as long lived as their low VOC counterparts.

4. Go For Natural Fabrics

Carpeting the entire floor of your house is not a viable option when it comes to eco-friendly options. This can capture dust and other allergens for years since a thorough clean can be expensive and changing the entire carpeting can take a few days. Materials used in floor carpets are also not as environmentally friendly as we would like. Instead, try area rugs which are made from natural fabrics and materials over wood or stone flooring. Recent sustainable additions to rug materials include bamboo, hemp, and seagrass.

Curtains or drapes can also be made from recycled materials while there are also some drapes that help to control the temperature in your home. There are also eco-friendly window treatments that help to minimize glare for a more natural subdued light to decrease your use of electrical lighting. Some choose to go for thermal curtains to decrease their use of electricity and reduce their bill.

5. Bring In The Plants

Among the 5 eco-friendly decorating ideas for your house, this may not be the most original since so many experts have already pointed out the impact of indoor plants. In spite of this. it it a good idea to bring in plants that actually serve a higher purpose than just sitting pretty. There are specific plants that thrive indoors (less maintenance) and still help to make your indoor air cleaner and better. The following are just a few notable plants:

Snake Plant is one of the top choices for indoor plants that can help improve air quality. It can take in huge amounts of carbon dioxide and filters benzene, xylene, trichloroethylene, and formaldehyde from the air that you and your family breathes. Aside from this, the Snake Plant is a hardy houseplant that can survive warm and chilly conditions with the need for minimal sunlight.

Pothos has garnered acclaim because of its ability to clear indoor air of benzene, formaldehyde, toluene, carbon monoxide, and xylene. They are great for indoor use because they can live with indirect sunlight or low light conditions. Their striking yellow and green pattern makes them eye-catching.

Parlor Palm has always been used as an indoor plant for centuries. It lives well even in low light and can clear the air of benzene and trichloroethylene which can cause harm if inhaled indefinitely.

These are just 5 eco-friendly decorating ideas for your house which you might want to consider. Helping the environment is always the right choice when it comes to home decorating.

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