5 Benefits of Eyelid Surgery

liposuction eyelid surgery

Eyelid surgery is medically termed as Blepharoplasty. It is a popular solution that targets the lower eyelids, upper eyelids or even both. Eyelid surgery enhances the eyes and rejuvenates the face by eliminating fine lines, under eye bags and drooping eyelids. As one age, the tough ligaments connecting the skin and the bone becomes increasingly visible resulting in protruding grooves. Modern eyelid surgery combines various methods like using dermal fillers to replace the lost volume of bone and fat, redistribution of excess fat, fat and bone substitutes, weakening the hyperactive muscles and lifting, tightening and removing the unwanted tissue. 

It is important to mention here that most cosmetic surgeons agree that patients must be 35 years or older for eyelid surgery. However, certain circumstances make it apt for younger patients as well. So if you have fine lines beneath, or at the corners of the eyes, sagging eyelids impairing vision or puffiness around the eyes, cosmetic eyelid surgery offers an excellent solution. Center for Sight is an excellent choice in case you want to get an eyelid lift. Eyelid surgery is performed by a highly skilled, board-certified plastic surgeon.

Eye wrinkles can be eliminated with the help Botox as well, but with eyelid surgery, the muscles causing wrinkles is weakened so as to make it ineffective. The benefits are instant and permanent, unlike Botox. Apart from just restoring the youthful qualities of the eyes, eyelid surgery also provides several functional benefits. The eyelid surgery results are unique to each qualified patient, here’s the list of benefits generally expected from this procedure-

1. Correct vision problems - for several patients, Blepharoplasty can correct vision problems associated with excess skin. This procedure is performed when the upper eyelid skin droops down low into the field of vision, obstructing one’s eyesight. The plastic surgeon helps you attain a rejuvenated and relaxed aesthetic by tightening the ligament and the muscle to enable the upper eyelid to open more. A surgeon with a high level of expertise in the eyelid surgery ensures that the results are positive and even looks youthful and natural. 

2. Reduce Migraines - the specially placed incisions prevent nerves from triggering which in turn reduces migraines in some patients. Some patients benefit with substantial reduction in pain, many patients also receive a complete abatement of migraines. 

3. Double eyelid surgery adds a fold to the upper eyelid- with the help of double eyelid surgery it is possible to a fold to the upper eyelid, which is a natural thing in most Asian people. Those who do not have a fold, usually find it difficult to apply makeup. This addition serves an aesthetic as well as a functional enhancement.

4. Makes you look less tired - it is possible to get rid of all the puffiness leading to under eye bags. The excess skin leads to a stresses look and with Blepharoplasty, it is possible to get the refreshed and awake look. Eyelid surgery can also give you brow lift, which imparts a refreshed and youthful appearance as the wrinkles, lines, and creases in the forehead will disappear. These procedures can be performed in one go to bring down the amount of downtime.

5. Offer more youthful appearance - the excess skin on and around the eyes adds to a tired and not-so-youthful look. Cosmetic surgery eliminates the fine lines, bags and even dark circles. As the skin becomes extremely thin with ageing, cosmetic surgery can sculpt the area, redistribute fat, eliminate excess skin and strengthen weak ligaments. The eyes have tremendous effect on the overall look; it is also the first place where ageing is noticed. A simple lift to the upper and lower eyelids can make you feel inside and out.

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