4 Winning Sales Team Motivation Ideas That Can Inspire Business Growth

Sales Team Motivation Ideas That Can Inspire Business Growth

If you want your sales team to be successful and productive, it is not just enough to provide them a desk and salary and say “get to it”.
Well, your sales reps might be master salespeople, knows all that is needed to use an easy-to-use CRM tool to perfect their sales processes and workflows, but that does not necessarily mean they do not need a healthy dose of motivation to perform a good job.
Now, there will always be peaks and valleys while doing a sale, however, these peaks and valleys happen because of the natural and predictable flow of the interests generated by the consumers – not because of the fact that your teams are feeling burnt out or rather unmotivated to sell. 
Hence rather than just throwing money at different solutions, allows us as one of the most popular vendors of CRM for small and medium business and startups to provide you three unique sales team motivational ideas and see what you can do to integrate them into your organization. 
This is because, while an increase in pay might seem like an obvious solution, nevertheless the idea that “money solves all problems” is not always an effective way to motivate employees to work harder and so let us at the very onset take this idea off the table and look into more effective and creative ways to motivate your sales teams. 

1. Provide your sales reps a niche

There can be nothing worse than trying to promote or sell something that your sales reps do not believe in or have no understanding of what they are selling to the prospective customers stored in their CRM database.
In fact, in present times the consumers are smart enough to immediately pick up on signals that your sales reps lack interest or know-how about what they are selling.
Therefore rather than assigning sales reps to new customers, make things easier for your salespeople by providing them a specialty, which might involve:

• Dividing target categories among the sales reps based on their expertise or interest
• Placing them in B2B sales instead of the B2C segment or vice-versa 
• Assign them to a specific part of the sales process

You can even greatly reduce the learning curve of your salespersons and also improve their engagement levels in whatever activity they are doing if you assign salespeople to their niche that resonates well with their abilities and interests. 
Providing your reps with specialized industrial training or making them learn to use a sales CRM tool will also help them throughout their career path. 

2. Stop assigning mundane tasks

In a report published by Mercer in 2019 more than 60% of businesses said in the survey that they have plans to add more business growth technology and tools that fetch automation to their organizations. 
Well, just think about how many mundane and manual tasks the salespeople are often asked to do.
Now, that there are so many automation opportunities these days (start by looking at what your business CRM can do) you can even integrate it with other business tools whereby emails can automatically be copied into the CRM.
So why make your sales reps waste their precious hours on multiple tasks that do not really need any human touch?

3. Cut back on frequent meetings

On a related note, you should always think about reducing the number of teams, one-on-one, and company meetings you have in a week.
A report published by InsideSales.com states that:

“Salespersons reported that the time they spent catching up with colleagues and on Facebook was 7 percent more effective than dealing with internal policies and facing internal meetings.”

We say this since we observed that meetings stop the flow of sales as it breaks the rep’s concentration. 
You might even demotivate your sales team if your meetings focus too much on “what is not getting done” or “who is doing a bad job”.
Rather give your sales teams to get into their zone without the fear of frequent interruptions, and only hold meetings when they are absolutely required and can add value to the work of your team. 

4. Help them develop goals for growth—even beyond your company

Sales reps do what they do for paying their mortgages or rent or put food on their tables, but no salesperson wants to remain stuck at the same desk or send the same emails 10 years from now.
In all honesty, always remember that you can never make your sales reps bring in more revenue and sale if their only goal is to help their companies to make money.
This is the exact reason why your sales rep’s goals should revolve around their personal developments instead. 
Now, these goals should of course be tied into how effective they sell (but it should be portrayed in a different light).
For example, instead of attaching a dollar sign to your sales rep’s next quarter goals, ask them to refine their ability by closing deals in preparation for the next stepping stone in their career path.
This way, their goal will align with the company (e.g. - boosting their closing ratio), but it will be even framed from an angle whereby the sales reps also reap the benefits of pursuing this goal. 

Finally- Inspire your team (to do more)

Just stop looking at salespeople in your organization as numbers on your report on the dashboard of your sales CRM software.
Like: If an employee generates X dollars by selling in Q3, the company will fetch an X percent increase in its overall revenue.
Instead, start treating your employees like the valuable members of your team- which they already are. 
So when you ask anyone to do something so important as to sell the company’s offerings always make them feel enthusiastic about what they are doing so that they can improve the customer experience of your brand. 

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