4 Tips for Surviving Summer Without Student Loans

4 Tips for Surviving Summer Without Student Loans

We’ve all been there at some point, summer has rolled around and those savings we promised we’d make to help cover us over the summer months are non-existent. Now, you find yourself with no classes – and no money! Here four tips for surviving summer without your student loan.

Get a Part-Time Job

Summer is the perfect time for students to look at getting a part-time job. The obvious one being that working part-time is going to give you that extra bit of income you might need to keep you going from May-September while you wait for that all-important student loan to come in.

You’re also going to learn some new and transferrable skills which will be handy for when it comes time for writing up a CV and getting into work later down the line. Whether it is a job working in retail, an office, or a restaurant, working part-time will show a host of skills and qualities, such as; dedication, time management, responsibility, and money management.

You’ll also learn more about money management and budgeting.

Save and Budget Well

Speaking of budgeting, one of the best ways to survive the summer months on little to no money is to get to grips with savings and budgets. If you have planned ahead and saved up some money to tide you over during the summer, then you’ll want to keep track of every penny, which means saving where you can and keeping a detailed budget.

Luckily, it’s 2020, which means that there are always going to be handy apps to do all the work for us. Just plug in tour savings, work out your budget and let the app track your spending and give you insights into your spending so that you can make any changes to spending habits as the months go on!

Turn a Hobby into A Side Hustle

If a part-time job isn’t your thing, why not find a way to turn something you’re passionate about into a side hustle for the summer – even beyond, if all goes well!

Are you a dog lover? Why not get into dog-walking or dog-sitting and make some money out of your furry friends? You don’t need any official qualifications, just a background check, free time, and a love for dogs! There are plenty of apps that let you find people who need a dog walker in your area.

Or, are you the creative type? If you’re a great writer, why not set up a blog on a topic you’re passionate about and start sharing your thoughts with the world? Before long if you work hard enough, you’ll be able to make money from ads or affiliate links in your content. If you’re more into hands-on art, why not set up and Etsy store? People love handmade art, jewelry and even fashion pieces – why not monetize your skills?

Find Free Things to Do

Up and down the country during the summer, there are always free things going on. If you’re really struggling for cash, why not see what’s going on for free in your local area? Most museums are always free entry, so why not make a day to pop into a few in your local area and learn some more about the culture?

Charities always need a helping hand, so summer is the perfect time to get your volunteering hat on and lend a hand to those less fortunate than you. While this won’t pay, it will fill up your long summer days, give back to the community, and help you build up some experience for your CV.

Wherever you live, there is bound to be something going on that suits your budget. Just hop online and do a little research.

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