3 Tips for 2020 Summer Travel

3 Tips for 2020 Summer Travel

As the calendar turns to spring and the weather starts to warm up, it's finally time to start planning that summer vacation you've been dreaming about all winter. Before booking anything, make sure you have planned out the vacation to meet all the requirements of a great trip that you want it to. Here are three tips for summer travel in 2020.

Check the Weather Before Booking Activities

Although being outside in the blistering sun can seem ideal when looking forward to summer in January, be sure to play it safe when planning any outdoor activities you have for the summer. Arizona is a great summer destination, but maybe it's not the best decision to plan your mountain hike at noon when the heat is most dangerous. 

Similarly, Southern California is known for the "June Gloom" that manifests itself in the forms of heavy cloud cover on mornings in June. For a sunnier trip to California, consider planning for August. When planning your vacation, read up on the average temperatures for the dates you are considering, and plan your activities around those. 

It's best to plan on the safe side for summer weather, and if your group ends up having the stamina and the desire to fit in more outdoor activities when on your trip, you can be free to do so. Just make sure to have enough backup activities planned in case the heat becomes too much for a few members of your traveling party. 

Figure Out Logistics of Travel

The great thing about summer travel is that with extended time off for many children and adults, you have the flexibility to travel in multiple unique ways. Instead of just taking an airplane to your destination, you can make it a partial or full road trip or take the train. Plus, the warm weather of the summer months opens many opportunities for activities like camping. 

For some trips, it might be easiest to fly or take the train to a particular destination and then drive once you arrive there. You can do this by renting a car or shipping your car, which you can find more information on how to do that here. Summer travel offers a ton of flexibility in terms of what type of trip to take and how to get around. However, be sure to thoroughly plan out all of the logistics that come along with it in order to make the most of your trip. 

Make Room For Everyone

The summer allows for vacations to include all kinds of friends and family members. For a successful vacation, pick a destination that has something for all members of your traveling party. From attending a baseball game one night to hiking in the morning to going to an art museum in the afternoon, there are endless ways to customize your itinerary on a summer vacation to make sure it is inclusive of everyone's interests. 

When everyone on vacation has something that they can personally enjoy, it improves the morale of the group as a whole. A great way to have a vacation that appeals to everyone's interests is to meet together with the family members and friends you are traveling with before booking anything. Have kids do their own research on the types of activities available in your summer travel destination as a learning experience. These meetings before booking travel will help you establish an itinerary that everyone can agree on and ensure that all travelers have a part of the trip that they are excited for.

Checking the weather, figuring out your travel logistics, and making room for everyone's interests are three ways that you can guarantee a great summer vacation in 2020. As you plan your trip, keep in mind ways that you can eliminate hassle so you can relax and focus on the things that you are most excited for. Once the weather gets warmer and the kids get out of school, you'll soon be on your way!

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