13 Creative Ideas to Surprise the One You Love

gifts for the one you love

We often think of grand gestures when we think about surprising our loved ones. However, love is also about trivial everyday surprises that put a smile on people’s faces and makes them feel loved. These are some of the most lovely and creative ways you can surprise your loved one and display your affection towards them. 

Leave them little notes

We learn that small things and moments in life can truly make our day and make us smile. When you love someone, you want those small, yet very meaningful occasions to be as frequent as possible. Find a way to make your loved one smile. One of the best ways to do so is to leave them notes around the house expressing how much you love and appreciate them. You can write short messages of affection, positive affirmations for motivation, or even poems. Whatever you feel like expresses your feelings the best, use that. 

Arrange a shout-out on the radio

This is one of those cheesy acts of affection a lover can do for their significant other, but it never fails to work and make your loved one’s day. Arranging a shout-out over the radio station may just be the single cutest way for you to tell someone you love them and that you are thinking of them. So, hit up a local radio station, leave them a message for that special someone and request a song that will make your loved one smile and blush. It can be a song that reminds you of them or a song that is for some reason meaningful for your relationship. Maybe it’s both of your favourite songs. Maybe it’s a song that was played on your first date. Whatever it is, make sure your significant other has their radio turned on at the right time and surprise them. 

 Express your feelings in your local newspaper

Just like with the radio shout-out you can publicly announce your love and appreciation of your favourite person over the newspapers too. This is a beautiful grand gesture that is also a bit silly and will make your partner blush, smile, and laugh all at the same time. Leave a short message for them in the local newspapers and make sure to draw your loved one’s attention to it. You can bring them their favourite breakfast to bed along with the newspapers just “accidentally” opened on the page where your message is. They will love it. 

Hide notes or little gifts for her to find

This is like a game of hide-and-seek, except this time you are hiding small notes or gifts for your partner to find in their home. It doesn’t even have to be anything grand or expensive. A small gift or a note letting your loved one know that you are thinking of them will simply make their day and make them feel loved and appreciated. You might see the nail polish of your loved one’s favourite colours. You may stumble upon their favourite flowers on the street. Options are endless. Whatever you choose to buy, make or write will most definitely work like a charm. 

Write a love letter

You can also go all out and write your lover a love letter. It is so outdated and nobody thinks of doing it this way now that we live in the world of technology and most of the communication is done over phones and other devices. Taking out your time and putting some effort into creating a hand-written letter that your loved one can keep or even frame is the most romantic way for you to let them know how much you love them. 

Send them postcards

Who doesn’t like receiving postcards? If you go away somewhere without your loved one, let them know you are thinking of them by sending a postcard. It’s yet another more old-fashioned way of expressing love. Rarely does anyone these days send postcards. If you do that for your loved one, they will be pleasantly surprised and will be looking forward to seeing you again once you come back. 

Write a poem or a song

Don’t be shy and let your creative side shine through. Whether you like writing poems or have never done that but have always wanted to try, this is your chance to pour out your feelings and emotions on paper and write either a love poem or a song for your loved one. Don’t obsess over the form or technique, just let your heart guide you and express your emotions the way you feel them – raw and unfiltered. Your loved one won’t be able to resist falling in love with you all over again. 

Do a job you know needs doing

Sometimes, random acts of kindness and service can be the best way to let our partners know we are here for them and care for them. If you and your partner live together, chances are that the house chores have already been equally divided between the two of you. However, if you see your loved ones struggling to keep up with their tasks and responsibilities, helping them get at least one thing on their checklist can mean a lot to them. By doing so, you are letting them know that you are here for them and you’re ready to help whenever you can. Acts of service are actually one of the love languages that a lot of people love to express. 

Gifts can be classic, but personalized

When you’re in doubt about what kind of a present you should get for your significant other, you can always choose personalized gifts. Think of all the things that your loved one likes. Think about what brings them joy and sparks their creativity. If your partner loves painting, you can get one of those art supplies and combine them with your partner’s favourite chocolate and wine in a lovely gift box. This works for just about anything. You can also get customised gift baskets of your partner’s favourite foods, snacks and drinks online. 

Make a little treasure hunt

Treasure hunting is always an amazing and fun option. If both you and your partner love playing games and going on adventures this is a perfect surprise for your loved one. You can prepare some creative clues that your loved one will follow in their home, their neighbourhood or all across the town so that they can find the final gift at the end of the route. Another great option would be if at the end of the treasure hunt, your partner will be led to their favourite restaurant where you will be waiting for them with their favourite flowers, ready to have a romantic dinner date. 

Send them flowers

This may be one of the basic and classic moves, but trust us when we say that it never gets old. Everyone likes receiving flowers every once in a while. It’s a small, yet very cute way to let someone know you love them and cherish them. Hearing your loved one say “Hey, I was walking down the street and saw your favourite flowers, instantly thought of you and had to buy them for you” will put a smile on anyone’s face. You can also get delivery of roses so that your significant other will get the bouquet of their favourite flowers delivered straight to their home. You can even add a tiny note saying you love them along with the flowers. 

Make her a modern-day mixtape

Making mixtapes and playlists will also never go out of style. Pick out some of your and your partner’s favourite songs that you like to listen to together and put them on a playlist for them. They will have all of the songs that remind them of you in one place. They can enjoy listening to these songs whenever they miss you or you can listen to this playlist on your at-home dates whenever you’re having a nice romantic dinner. 

Do that one thing you’ve always talked about

Is there something you and your partner have always wanted to check off the list but never got a chance to do so? Well, now is the chance. Surprise your loved one by organising that activity you always wanted to try. Have you always wanted to go to a dance class together, or apply for that fun cooking lesson? Go and get those tickets. Is there a movie you’ve been dying to watch together? Check out the local movie theatre and buy those movie tickets. Is there a road trip you wanted to go on for a while now? Organise it. All of these are amazing surprises that your partner will surely appreciate and cherish.


There are many ways in which we can show affection to our significant others and let them know how much we love them. These are just some of the most creative ones that will surely put a smile on your loved one’s face. 

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