Top 5 Gift Ideas and Suggestions

Basket of goodies

Gifts are meant to be cherished. That is why it’s important that you choose just the right gift. The gift that you choose depends on a number of things. The person you intend to give the gift and the reason or occasion. There are birthday gifts, wedding gifts, Christmas gifts and a gift for just about any occasion. Choosing a gift can especially be difficult because you do not know if the recipient will like it or not. That is why it is important that when planning to gift someone, make sure you choose wisely.

Factors to consider when choosing a gift


This obviously is the first thing to keep in mind when looking for the perfect gift. You don’t want to buy a gift that does not suit the occasion. There is a gift for every occasion. Go for something that you know is great for that particular occasion. Similarly, it should be the kind of gift that the person receiving it will actually be thrilled to have it. So try to find out what the person you are gifting likes for that particular occasion. If it’s a friend, you definitely have an idea of the kind of things they like. This will give you a starting point.


Go for something that you can afford. You can start by sending an ecard, and while you’re online you can start looking for the perfect gift. There is a very little chance that you will not find something that fits within your budget. There is no sense in buying a gift that is too expensive for you and then you end up with empty pockets. Even the simplest of gifts can turn out to be the nicest and most cherished ones. A gift should be unique and not necessarily expensive. Therefore, never feel bad about the amount of money spent and keep in mind that it is the thought that counts.

What the recipient wants

I really don’t mean that you go ask someone what kind of gift they want from you. But if you know the recipient well enough, give them something they will not just store away. Not only should they like it but also be able to use it as well. There is no point in investing in a gift that will not be put to use or just have no value. In this case consider interests, hobbies, and personality.

Gift ideas and suggestions

Now that you know what to consider when choosing a gift, here are some of the best gift ideas and suggestions.

Give a basket of goodies

This is usually easy and simple. Get a beautiful basket and fill it with some goodies. It can be anything as long as it will be a gift that the recipient will appreciate. For instance, you may know that the recipient loves chocolate. Get different flavors of chocolate and fill the basket with them. If they love junk food, get all those cookies, biscuits and other junk that they will love and put them in the basket. With this idea, you can never go wrong. Additionally, it is quite affordable.

Gift them a watch

Many people can be picky when it comes to gifts. It may be almost impossible to get that perfect gift for some people. But one thing that is for sure is you will never go wrong when it comes to watches. Everyone loves watches and all you have to do is get the best one that they will love and wear it every single day. A Rolex oyster wristwatch makes for a great gift. It is a perfect gift to give on occasions such as birthdays, Valentine’s Day and even for graduation. A watch is a suitable gift for almost every occasion. When choosing a watch, go for a renowned brand and ensure the watch is original. You don’t want to gift someone a fake watch.

Make it an experience

Who said that a gift has to be put in a box and handed over? As I said, a gift can be just about anything. Something that the recipient loves, remember? So how about if your friend loves watching movies. Why not buy her tickets to go watch the new movie she has been talking about. Your giftee maybe likes eating good food. Take her out to the best restaurant you can afford and treat them to their favorite meal. Turn your gift into an experience that the person you are gifting will appreciate for the rest of their lives.

Get something that the person needs

In this case, you need to think outside the box. The gift that you get should make the life of the person you’re gifting easier and better. That is precisely what they need. For instance, you may have noticed that your friend is having trouble washing dirty dishes. So why not get them a dishwasher as a gift if you can afford one. Am sure your friend will really appreciate the wise gesture. When looking for something that a person needs, think broadly in order to come up with just the perfect gift.

Find inspiration from the past

This kind of gift usually is something that means a lot to the recipient but they lost it. So it’s like you are giving it back to them. Take for instance a friend of yours might have been forced to sell her microwave. Probably she likes using her microwave but had to sell it due to unavoidable circumstances. So why not get her another one. I am very sure she will be delighted. There are tons of other ideas you can come up with. Just make sure the gift is something of great value to the recipient. It should be the kind of gift that will make them really happy.

I know that with these few ideas and a suggestion, finding the right gift is going to be a walk in the park for you. Remember, there is a gift for just about anyone even the most picky people. All you have to do is know what will really be of value to them.

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