10 Tips for Arranging a One-Room Apartment

10 Tips for Arranging a One-Room Apartment

A small apartment may become cozy and functional if you approach its arrangement wisely. Today, many people live in small apartments and often don’t know how to make their space comfortable. In this article, we have gathered 10 tips for arranging a one-room apartment.

How to start renovating a new apartment
To make the right decision on the arrangement, we recommend staying in the apartment for a while, "feel" it. So you will understand what the layout should be, what furniture is better to buy, how to arrange it, etc. See where the sunlight hits. In poorly lit areas, additional light sources should be installed. The solution to this problem should be entrusted to a professional electrician since it is difficult and dangerous to independently install electricity in an apartment. Only an experienced specialist knows where and what to connect and with what equipment.

Arrangement of an apartment is a process that includes many stages. First of all, the new apartment is being renovated. Align the walls first. If the house was built according to all the rules and regulations and the walls in it are even, then you will have to work with them much less. Next, you need to decide how to arrange the floor in the apartment and how best to beat the walls: paint, paste over or apply decorative plaster.

The arrangement of the apartment must be thoughtful. Decide on a general design solution. Today there are special computer programs that allow you to quickly draw up a virtual design project and evaluate how the desired interior will look like in reality. If you do not have the opportunity to use such a program, draw a plan of one of the rooms on a regular sheet. You can cut out pieces of furniture from another sheet and attach them to the paper. So you will see how best to arrange the furniture and where it will look the most organic.

Almost always, repairs and furnishing of an apartment begin with a bathroom due to the complexity of work in this room. You shouldn’t save on materials and equipment for arranging a bathroom. Your comfort and safety depend on the quality of plumbing.

Before making a purchase, be sure to evaluate the product, check it for defects. If the product has no defects, chips, scratches and it functions properly, but simply belongs to the old collection, there is nothing wrong with that, and you can safely buy the item. The "unfashionable" plumbing equipment may organically fit into your interior.

Basically, the owners of new apartments, renovating the walls, prefer ceramic tiles or PVC panels. At the same time, few people paint the walls today, and in vain. This method is simple, doesn’t require large financial investments, and is very practical. For finishing the bathroom, it is better to use moisture-resistant paint. Find a good paint shade that suits you from a reliable manufacturer.

What you can save on when arranging a bathroom is, for example, a shower. Today, manufacturers of plumbing equipment offer a wide range of cabins with massage functions, lighting, and radio. Cabs equipped with all these things are more expensive than usual. But it is unlikely that you will use all these functions and, for example, constantly listen to the radio while taking a shower.

What is the best way to arrange a restroom in an apartment? Today there are toilet bowls of various shapes and modifications in plumbing stores. There are simple toilet bowls and modern hinged ones, the cost of which is higher. Fashionable wall-mounted toilet bowls help save space, according to manufacturers. In practice, however, it is not entirely clear what these savings are. Nothing can be placed under the toilet bowl. It is much wiser to purchase a standard bathroom and spend the saved money on something more worthwhile and useful for you.

When deciding on the style of the future interior, consider the opinions of all household members. Everyone should feel comfortable in a new apartment. Here are some tips on how to renovate a small apartment. 

1. Open space is an effective way to visually enlarge the area of the room
If you don’t like the options for arranging an apartment in which living rooms are combined with kitchens, install partitions or glass doors between these two rooms. If you love books, build shelving or a bookcase between the living room and the kitchen.

2. Sliding doors are perfect for a one-room apartment
Standard doors take up a lot of space when open. Give preference to sliding doors when arranging a small apartment since they save space in the room. Their color should match the shade of the walls. If your room is in dark colors, you can opt for light doors to visually refresh the space.

3. Use the pull-out bed as a practical solution for furnishing your apartment
A pull-out bed will become an especially relevant solution for arranging an apartment with low ceilings, in which a mezzanine can’t be installed.

4. Use every inch of usable area wisely
A bed with drawers, built-in furniture to save space - all these solutions are relevant if you are arranging a living room in an apartment, as well as if you are decorating an interior in a bedroom or study.

5. Use optical illusions when designing your interior
Sometimes it is useful to dilute the interior with a large expressive pattern to make the room brighter and more individual. In addition, expressive patterns visually increase the area. Thanks to the large drawings, the corridor looks longer and more voluminous. This technique can also be used if you are arranging a pantry in an apartment.

6. Use transparent objects in the interior
The arrangement of a small apartment should be thoughtful. Try to choose ergonomic and functional furniture. A great option is glass and acrylic interior items. This is a good solution for arranging a small apartment since it doesn’t visually overload the space.

7. Minimalism is the best solution if you are arranging a small apartment
A minimalistic style in the interior is the best solution for arranging small-sized housing. Use as few decor items and various knickknacks as possible. Remember that a light space visually looks more spacious. Put things in a large closet without leaving them in plain sight.

8. When arranging a small apartment, you can sometimes use bright colors
In some cases, the interior in soothing colors can be diluted with bright curtains or wallpaper with a beautiful catchy print. Indeed, you can get tired of bright colors in the bedroom so in this case, you should rely on your personal preferences.

9. Complement the interior with mirrors
Many people have long been using mirrors to expand their space. At the same time, the owners of small apartments don’t hang them on the walls but place them on the floor. Thanks to this technique, the space visually appears larger. A mirror, placed in a beautiful frame, fulfills its direct functions and can be used as a decorative item at the same time.

10. Choose large tiles.
If your bathroom is compact enough, it is better to use large glossy tiles to decorate it. Large dark floor tiles increase the total floor space, while rectangular wall tiles add depth to the space, creating the effect of a spacious room.

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