10 Things you should keep in Mind before Hiring Health Insurance

Health Insurance

The offer of medical insurance is immense all over the world, where about twenty companies operate each offering up to five different modalities. That is, we can choose up to almost one hundred health insurance options and a hard job awaits us if we want to study them all from their official internet pages.

Surely we can discard some of them at first because they do not match our profile, but still, we will have an important peak to analyze if we want to be meticulous and find our ideal insurance. Fortunately, we have the invaluable help of tools such as online comparators, and if we add to this the management of the following ten concepts, our search for adequate medical insurance will become much lighter and faster.

1. With or without copayments

Copayments are a formula by which we can choose one of the specialists from the company's catalog, but we must pay a proportional part of the consultation, which will vary according to the health insurance company. Co-insurance insurance is usually cheaper or includes the inclusion of family members in the same policy. Sometimes it only applies to certain specialties or services that fall outside the norm. The insurance without co-payment is those in which the company takes care of the total payment to the toilet and is usually more expensive.

2. Does it imply reimbursement?

A reimbursement is a form of insurance in which we can choose any doctor, even if he has no agreements with the company that signs the policy. Now, we will pay the doctor first and then the company will reimburse us for the amounts disbursed. This modality has the advantage that we do not have to stick to the company's cadre, although concerning payments, according to its amount and the agreement with the company, we will recover between 70% and 100% of the amount paid. In contrast, the fees are usually higher.

3. Does it include hospitalization?

There are very affordable insurances that, however, do not contemplate hospitalization if necessary, so it will be the patient who must pay the expenses of hospital stay and the treatments that are applied during their convalescence. A hospital stay can be very expensive, so it is worth assessing the insurance that includes hospitalization and also studying how many days of hospital stay the insurance covers.

4. What limit do you have per session?

As the coverage of the hospital stay may have a limit, the sessions that can be given as a therapy for certain ailments or disorders may also have a limit. That is, for example, insurance can cover 20 sessions of psychotherapy or 10 recoveries after an operation or a muscle injury. If we have to continue, from there we will pay. It is important to be clear about what our insurance offers in this regard and not rely only on the attractiveness of the offer.

5. Whether or not there are periods of lack

A period of lack is understood to be a specific period from when the insurance takes effect until a certain service is covered. For example, insurance may lack expensive diagnostic tests to avoid users who promptly register a policy to make the test more affordable, either in price or on time. If we want insurance because we are in a hurry to give ourselves a test that has a huge line for Social Security, let's make sure that there are no periods of lack of our choice.

6. The specialties it covers

Medical insurance should be the broader the better, but above all, it must contemplate the main specialties: gynecology and obstetrics, pediatrics, general medicine, etc. The inclusion of a broader spectrum of less common specialties is something we should study carefully.

7. Does it include home delivery?

The home service includes that a doctor can come home to assist us if, for example, we have a lot of fever or pain that prevents us from moving personally to the emergency center. If our chosen insurance does not contemplate it, we can meet the need to take a taxi or the other mode of transport, or pay the delivery of a doctor at home.

8. If you have a good emergency service

Our insurance must guarantee us a good network of emergency centers where we can go if necessary. Above all, that you have them near where we live, to avoid long trips. If the network of centers is wide, the possibility of finding collapses and agglomerations will also decrease.

9. What diagnostic tests does it cover?

It is convenient to study the diagnostic tests section well since the most common and affordable ones will not make a difference, but more expensive ones that we may need in the future. Sometimes it may be interesting to pay a little higher fees in exchange for including evidence that would otherwise be privately expensive.

10. Dental coverage

Because of its special situation and the high prices of operations and treatments, dental coverage is usually offered as separate insurance in many companies. However, some offers add to dental coverage. If this is the case in our case, let us take a good look that the services are full, include all kinds of treatments and are not limited to fillings and mouth cleaning.

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