10 Ideas to Introduce Herringbone Design into Your Home Interior

Herringbone interiors

Herringbone is known for its vintage touch and sophisticated touch. It looks perfect on walls, floors and even on the ceiling. And the best part in that, in this modern world it’s very easy to find such home décor ideas for your place. You can easily try this distinctive V-shaped pattern at your home and give a mesmerising and heart-warming effect to it. Also, simple rectangular and square shapes are boring, so it’s better to replace them with Zigzag patterns. If you want to add the herringbone design into your home interiors, then we have come out with 10 ideas to inspire you. Have a look:

Herringbone walls:  

Having the Herringbone pattern on your wall using the timber wood gives a bold and impressive touch to your room. It will look calming in every sense with a little dramatic touch. You can add some light colour statement pieces against the wall while keeping the whole room simple.

Uprising effect:

Give your bathroom or kitchen an uprising effect using the herringbone patterned wallpaper. Keep the overall home interior simple and versatile. You can even go for the bold, monochrome patterns and maintain a classic and timeless contrast.

Country Appeal:

Herringbone patterns are all about impactful appearance in the sense of sittings. From modern to traditional, you will find a lot of classic country appealing home décor ideas. Follow this theme in your kitchen using the perfect tiles, timber benchtop, shaker-style cabinets and herringbone backdrop.

Mix and Match:

Don’t typically dive in the Herringbone theme, go for some mix and match. Follow the bold and similar tones for the whole room. Keep the furniture, flooring and home décor loud. The Herringbone rug will balance out everything through its monochrome scheme.

Weaves are always perfect:

Get the knowledge about some Herringbone patterns and textures and bring them into your room. There is no need to try it in the walls and flooring, you can try it on your bedsheet and rugs. It will make your room look sophisticated and less busy.

Dark and Dramatic:

Herringbone theme can be bold and elaborated. It looks perfect if you choose the same theme on one wall and flooring. You can go for dark shades to add some extra drama. Keeping the rest wall white will balance out the whole look.

Framing Fabulously:

Don’t try to avoid the gorgeous herringbone tiles and try to utilize them into your space. To make them even comfier, use them around the fireplaces. It will look classic and calming. You will admire this theme in your living room.

Herringbone Headboard:

Having a headboard beside your bed is really amazing. And when it is made up of wood, it makes everything even better. You can go for coloured strips in the herringbone pattern on it and enjoy its unexpected touch. You will also be able to customize it whenever you actually want to.

Playing with the Entrance style:

Having a plane entrance door is boring, so get it in the Herringbone pattern. You can get it in the dark wooden colour and use it as a statement piece. The entrance door with the same pattern will make your home look stylish and unexpected. You can try this pattern even on every door of your house.

Herringbone Home Décor:

Sometimes it’s hard to change the whole home interior to follow a theme. In that case, simply add some new home décor with the herringbone design. It can be statement pieces, wall art or cushions. Also, it will give you more options to play with textures and colours. It will look modern and add a personality to your place.

Either it’s any part of your home, it’s very easy to add herringbone designs to your home interior. It’s just you have to be creative while doing any new thing. Try these ideas and add a modern and stylish touch to your home.

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