Yellow Sapphire Gems & Its Incomparable Virtues

Yellow Sapphire, Pukhraj Stone

The glittery stones also known as gems are derived from our bountiful and plentiful mother earth. Gems possess the quality of throwing someone from riches to rags and vice versa. One such powerful and the proficient gem is Yellow Sapphire which is also known as Pukhraj in India. This gem is affiliated to the planet Jupiter. Jupiter is considered to be the Teacher of all planets. The vast planet itself is beautifully yellow hue. The yellow color is said to influence the planet and the energies exuded by it, hence the yellow sapphire finds its importance on the earth. The yellow sapphire or pukhraj stone price is increasing rapidly from last few years. Yellow sapphire finds its propensity towards Jupiter and gains all the benefits from it.


1) A person wearing yellow sapphire possess higher thinking order, he has an inclination towards spiritualism which in turn makes him calm, peaceful and non-enigmatic.

2) Jupiter signifies health, wealth, and well-being of children, that is the sole reason children are asked to worship Lord Brihaspati to gain wisdom and knowledge in their life.

3) Young unmarried women looking for a soulmate or a life partner should definitely worship Lord Jupiter and wear yellow sapphire. 

4) People who have or are undergoing depression and hallucinating life should wear this gemstone to get rid of such negativity in life and gravitate themselves to a much positive outlook in life.

5) Yellow Sapphire helps individuals in their work-related problems too. People who are writers, accountants or actors or any field of creativity should wear yellow sapphire so as to gain benefits of the planet Jupiter in enhancing their skills and eventually making them more successful.

6) Out of many pukhraj stone benefits for health that it ensures, yellow sapphire is helpful in treating jaundice.

7) It also helps in healing of various vital organs like heart, liver and bowel disorders.

8) People who suffer from halitosis (foul smell) can be cured by keeping a small piece of the gemstone on the tongue for a few minutes daily. This, in turn, amplifies the confidence of a person gravitating more towards frankness towards speaking.

9) Yellow sapphire has been known to heal the insect bite on any part of the body. One can see quick results on the inflicted part.

10) Students who suffer from lack of concentration and poor focus are benefitted a lot from wearing yellow sapphire. It installs attentiveness and alertness in the assigned work thereby bringing success in life.

11) Yellow sapphire is believed to ward off evil spirits and negativity. One does not fear the adverse situations, on the contrary, faith and hope persist in the one wearing and believing in the gem.

12) A person adorning Yellow Sapphire has a propensity towards spiritualism. Instead of focusing on worldly matters and other materialistic things, one meditates on himself constantly trying to improve and proliferate in his work and profession.

13) One of the incomparable virtues that yellow sapphire possesses is its beautiful yellow color that is akin to the mighty sun. No other gem is blessed with the same color and the soft and slimy texture like that of a yellow sapphire.

14) The beauty of yellow sapphire is such that it is adorned with a jewelry piece by women all over the world. Women wish to wear it even on their wedding day or as their engagement ring. Even just as a piece of ornament, people buy yellow sapphire just for its bright sunset yellow color and its ethnic looks.

15) With advancement in the technology and with the widening in the way the people think, it no more matters, whether any gem holds any astrological importance or not. They just buy these colorful and bright stones to make a style statement.

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