From Work to Wow: Transforming Your Look from Day to Night

From Work to Wow Transforming Your Look from Day to Night

No one wants to carry a complete change of clothes to work for a party, function, nice dinner or a night out the town with the girls. The best idea to change your existing outfit easily to something sexier for evening wear is to plan ahead with what you wear to work that day and only carry a few accessories to jazz up your look.

How to Take Your Makeup from Day to Night

For your daytime look, first apply a primer with a moisturizer in it so your makeup won't crack all day and all night. Then add a foundation. The primer will keep your skin smooth, soft and will keep your foundation looking fresh all day and all night so you don't have to reapply it to go out on the town at night. Dust on your favorite setting powder with a brush to make sure your look stays flawless. Apply a soft pink contouring blush with a brush to your cheeks for the office appearance. Add an eye makeup base and then a neutral color on your eyelids, followed by eyeliner and mascara for your daytime look.

When you are ready to update your makeup for your nighttime look, add a darker shade of lipstick over the existing light color. Fill in your brows and add a longer lash with more mascara. An eyeliner pen can really transform your look from office to party mode. Use a contouring blush on your cheeks for a perfectly chiseled look and add a dark eye shadow on the bottom half of each eyelid with your eyes closed along with eye shadow in the same color on both the bottom and top corner of your eyelids for your evening effect.

Your makeup is now ready to go from day to night and subtle to punchy without the need to spend time removing your daytime makeup and totally redoing your makeup to a night appearance.

Switching up Your Clothing to a Night Time Look

A plunging V-neck dress with spaghetti straps may not be appropriate for work, but it's great for an evening out with co-workers, friends or that special someone in your life. You can add a blazer or sweater on top of a sleeveless or strapless dress and simply shed the extra layer before you leave the office.

You can also create a business-casual look by just pushing the blazer sleeves up on your arms for a nighttime cocktail hour to be dressed up and down at the same time.

If you have casual Friday and wear jeans to work, pair it with a blazer and a tucked in T-shirt. This look goes from work to classy nightwear without any wardrobe changes.

If you wear leggings to work with a light, flowing chiffon blouse and a blazer, you can trade the blazer for the workday and replace it with a snazzy leather jacket to go to nightwear.

Monochromatic separates work well under a jacket. Try a navy pencil skirt with a navy blouse. When you remove the jacket for your night times escapades, it will streamline your silhouette and give the illusion of your outfit being one piece.

Accessorize Your Night Time Look

A pair of pointy-toe cheetah print pumps can really punch up the look to an all black dress or top and pants to give you a wow factor easily.

Adding a wide belt with embellishments to your look, whether you are wearing a dress or trousers and a blouse can give you some bling quickly and easily.

Carry a metallic, bright clutch in your car. When you are ready to go party, just trade in your regular bag for this shiny accessory to give you an off-duty professional look after your daytime look is transformed.

Change out your conservative earrings for a long and sparkling effect to add glamour to your look. You can also add a necklace that compliments your neckline or a choker or pearls, which never go out of style and scream fashionable.

Take Your Hairstyle into the Evening in Minutes

Many hairstyles are super easy to make after a day at work and before you head out for the nighttime fun. Some popular ones include a messy side ponytail, in which you gather your hair and put an elastic on it slightly off center. Then push the elastic down a bit from your head to loosen the hair next to your head.

The twisted textured bun is also popular as an updo. You simply gather your hair into a low ponytail and secure it with an elastic. You then wrap the tail of your pony around it's base and tuck in the end under your bun. You may need to secure the bun with bobby pins to keep it in place and you can pull a few strands out to frame your face in a softening style.

The looped ponytail has two different versions that are great for a night on the town. You make a low ponytail and secure it with a hair band at the base of your neck. Then, take your hands and separate the hair just above the base of your ponytail in two sections. Loop the tip of the pony from the top to the bottom for a simple looped ponytail or do the opposite with looping the tip of the pony from underneath the bottom to the top for a dramatic waterfall effect.

If you hair is short, you may not be able to do some of these hairstyles, but there is an amazing amount of different hair jewelry on the market today. You can find flower bands, beaded barrettes and clips in all colors of the rainbow and boho inspired designs to match any outfit quickly and flawlessly.

Use these tips and tricks and plan ahead so you have time to transform your look from work to wow in a matter of minutes when there is no time to return home and redress for an outing after work. You will look like the belle of the ball.


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