Why You Should Choose Congoleum Flooring Over Others

Why You Should Choose Congoleum Flooring over Others
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Congoleum is a brand that has existed for more than a century, with a history of luxury and resilience. In the past decades, it has strengthened its stronghold on resilience as its selling point. Congoleum flooring products have also been diversified to include laminate and hardwood flooring materials such as Armstrong hardwood. This consistency and continued innovation have endeared the material to more customers over the years. 

Difference between Congoleum and Vinyl

Vinyl and Congoleum sheets are commonly used in bathrooms and kitchens, among other areas that demand a resilient floor. This explains why it is easy to confuse one with the other. The major difference is their process of production and installation. 

Congoleum flooring is a brand for flooring sheets that are known for their resilience and versatile use. Vinyl, on the other hand, is a type of material used to make flooring sheets. It almost means that Congoleum can use vinyl to make its flooring sheets, but that is another discussion altogether.

Sheet Vinyl stands out as a composite compound that comes in layers. It is also available in numerous designs, offers excellent choices to customers, and easy to install. Vinyl is also very affordable yet gives your floor a luxurious appearance. As a modern product, it can be manufactured to give your room dynamic looks including a rustic wooden appearance.

Distinct Congoleum Brand

When one mentions Congoleum, any flooring expert will associate it with resilience.

For over a century now, Congoleum flooring products have maintained the reputation of high resilience, allowing them to be used for high traffic areas and heavy duty areas like the bathroom or kitchen. They are also extremely durable and therefore guarantee excellent value for money to customers.

While vinyl sheets are easy to install and even come with a DIY manual, Congoleum requires a bit of expertise to install. Professional installation ensures that the measurements are right and the adhesive is applied appropriately. 

Flooring experts have chosen Congoleum over other flooring materials for a century and more. Their choice is based on solid reasons that are backed by evidence. Here are some of the reasons Congoleum is preferred over other flooring materials.

  • Resilience

this is a trademark trait that has identified the brand for more than a century. With Congoleum flooring, you have assured a floor that can withstand extensive traffic over a prolonged period. It is not easily damaged by ordinary traffic. 

  • Durability

with resilience comes to a long life. Congoleum offers an incredibly long lasting flooring material that will not require regular replacement or repair. While it lasts long, the floor will still maintain its appeal and high quality. This makes Congoleum a brand that offers excellent value for your money. 

  • Versatile

The resilient nature of Congoleum means that it can be used on diverse parts of your house. It can fit in your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, hallways, and even the lounge, making it a natural choice. The brand is also a perfect choice for commercial properties because of its luxurious feel. This is a flooring choice that will never disappoint. You have a range of designs, colors, and styles to choose from. 

  • Stylish

Homeowners want to live in a stylish house. The appearance of Congoleum flooring sheets is that of luxury. This gives you the liberty to install them in your most sacred and prestigious rooms. The colors, textures, and designs are mind-blowing. They enhance the appearance of your house and will definitely raise the value of a property. 

  • Easy to maintain

Congoleum sheets do not require any special care and maintenance procedure. You just need to sweep the floor on regular basis to get rid of grit. By installing a mat at the entrance of your house, pebbles and other solid particles will be screened. This protects the floor from scratches. The floor does not stain easily, requiring immediate wiping once a stain falls on it. No special cleaning substances or procedures are required. You have an ordinary floor to deal with. 

  • Affordable

Congoleum is the most affordable flooring material of its class. Considering its luxurious appearance, you will be getting a premium product at a bargain. Installation is also easy, requiring no special preparation. This makes the floor an excellent budget option for homeowners who want to enjoy luxury.

The choice of Congoleum flooring is one that guarantees excellent value for money. You are guaranteed a versatile flooring material that will withstand all the pressure of extensive traffic and still look elegant. With numerous styles, textures, and patterns to consider, your expectations will easily be met.

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