Why Single Sign-On is The Best Solution For a Business?

The number of websites we need to access is increasing continuously. Every day a  new one is added to our existing website list. The new website means the new set of username and password. We already have dozens of credentials to remember. Speaking honestly, I am very bad at remembering passwords. So, I usually keep the same password for most of the websites and applications. Probably, you are also doing the same. Remembering passwords is very tough. IT companies are getting numbers of calls regarding password reset request. This costs businesses lots of money on IT support.

The article will explain what is web single sign-on (SSO) solution, how it saves users from passwords, how it benefits businesses and how secure it is?

The concept of a single sign-on:

The concept of single sign-on is very simple. Through the method, users can login to multiple resources of the same organization by authenticating themselves to any one of them. Suppose, your business has five resources that users need to access. If the resources are deployed with Web SSO solution, then a user can access all resources by entering credentials once.

How it saves users time?

Well, time is very precious. One of the most difficult task for us is managing time. When you have lots of applications to access then you have to enter credentials again and again. Think about the example of five resources. You have to login to each. For that, you have to enter username and password five times. This will result in wasting lots of time. Now, if all the resources come under the umbrella of web SSO then one password is enough. This saves users time.

Is it secure?

Security is one of the most important concern. Data breach is very common today. No matter, how big your firm is, hackers are everywhere to steal data. Most of the incidents are happening while authentication. So, the need of strong and unhackable technology is required. Say thanks to single sign-on. The solution is SAML(security assertion markup language) that makes it reliable and highly secure.

In simple words, when users have only one password, they make it very tough. Otherwise, we generally use an easy combination of characters as our passwords that are easy to remember.

How it benefits businesses?

Businesses always try to make their customers happy. SSO is a great solution that helps businesses in this. There are lots of ways by which businesses are getting benefits of SSO. Some of them are:

SSO improves user experience(UX): The term user experience defines the amount of quality that users are getting while accessing business services. User experience is one of the most important pillars of a business. A bad user experience can ruin your business, no matter how great your product is. Good UX helps businesses to generate more leads and sales.

Cut down IT help-desk cost: Fewer passwords to create means fewer chances of forgetting the password. That means less number of IT support calls related to password loss. This will definitely benefit businesses by saving their money. Now, they don’t need to invest money on IT support helpdesk.

Give a chance to employees to boost productivity: By improving the experience and saving time, SSO solution boosts employees productivity. They can focus on their core work instead of wasting time in authentication.

Therefore, SSO is a one click solution for the multiple problems. Many businesses have already implemented the solution and many are implementing it. If you really care about your users, want to secure their credentials from hackers,  remove the frustration of your employees then the solution is must for you. Don’t wait, implement it right now.


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