Why a Sign-in app Should Replace Pen and Paper for Visitor Management?

visitor management system

The world is changing fast and this can be very well noticed by the transformation of manual activities and operations into digital processes. One such change has been noticed in the case of the reception areas of different companies. The traditional pen and paper system has been replaced by the visitor sign-in system today. 

The change is for the good and this has been realized quite soon due to the convenience that it has been offering at the operations. There have a number of reasons actually for replacing the pen and paper option with the digital app. 

Standard Look

Today, visitors get impressed only when they look something extremely professional and new. The traditional form of pen and paper is ineffective in today’s world. When the visitor notices the visitor sign-in software, the impression level already rises. If the lobby is very well decorated with the best lights and the best furniture, the visitor will expect almost all the features to be of top class. In such a case, offering a logbook with a pen to enter the name and details can mar the entire impression. 

Better Record

There are a number of times when the visitor may write with such bad handwriting that it becomes difficult later on to understand the information. Also, there can be a number of times when the visitor may have missed out or may have skipped out some of the information columns. This does not happen in the case of a digital visitor registration system. All the fields have to be filled up properly else the system will notify missing content. Also, as data is instantly entered into the system through typing, there is also no issue about understanding the handwriting. 

Faster Than Before

Another great reason is that the software offers a faster solution in getting details from the visitors. The reception can simply collect the details of the visitor and feed them in the system while interacting with the visitor within a few minutes. Even the saving of the documents is done quite faster and in an efficient way so that the visitor does not get bored or do not have to wait for long. Even when there are incidents such as an outsider looking for the visitor or some other situations, the software is a great option to handle the situations in an efficient and faster way. 

Proper Storage

What does happen to the logbooks that are filled with data? These are stacked one upon the other and they eat up a huge amount of space. Of course, this makes the place messy and can lead to a shortage of space. This is not a problem when you have the proper software for visitor management. The data gets saved in the system and there are no such issues of space. Even if there is an issue of space on the system, there are now options for saving the data on different cloud services.

Smart Work

Time is running fast and hence being slow in the race will take you nowhere at the end. In the case of a logbook, searching for past records can be a headache. If the data required is a few months or years older, you may need to search for it in different files. Even when you have listed the files as per proper months and years, you have to search for the detail manually in the files. In case of having a digital reception, the experts can get the results with just a few clicks on the system. 


Getting work done faster and in a convenient way is what everyone wishes today with the introduction of digital forms in different areas. The reception area is the most crucial application as the concerned person needs to be an expert in multitasking such as handling visitors, handling data, and many other things at the same time. Getting a software option comes as a real savior in such a situation.

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