Why Should You Spot the Testing Needs Quicker Than You Think?

Why Should You Spot the Testing Needs Quicker Than You Think?

Almost everybody who is involved in the software development process has seen this situation whereas, the team just released a new edition of the application, however, there is something that’s not right, and something needs improvement. You and your team might have spotted something while testing that still needs some work. But right now, you are feeling the heat, as you have to act quickly in order to fix the issue.

However, you do have to figure out ways in order to avoid such a situation in the future? You need to seek the gaps, and understand how the broken process can be rectified. Listed below are some of the ways to improve and to find out the errors by manual software testing well in time so that you are saved from the hassle.

Magic is only for the books!

Firstly, you should always keep this thing very clear in your head that ‘one size fits all’ solution doesn’t exist. The issue that you are currently facing with one of your product is very much diverse from the problem that someone else is facing for a different product. Everybody has a separate solution which is dedicated to their product, therefore you also have to find out a specific solution pertaining to your product. Also, you have to look for the best possible techniques in order to avoid a similar kind of issues from happening again. However, always keep in mind that you will face some of the other different types of issues while the software journey continuous.

Now, you must be wondering what the best way to find out the solutions is. Firstly, you have to be sure that you have set the right checkpoints as well as the alerts so that you can test soon and rectify the issues much quicker.

Keep exercising the code

All the tests that you are performing should necessarily exercise the code, in order to look for both predictable successes as well as the anticipated failures, in order to cover each and every boundary situations.

Amongst one of the few common mistakes that even the top experts make is that they particularly just test whenever they want to release a new edition of the application live. The technical landscape is pretty intricate, therefore, it is very much possible that when a ring of the chain is damaged and when you do not really realize it before the customers, then it turns out to be a hassled situation. This may also be the reason why you check on a day-to-day basis (and at times even more often) to make sure that the production editions of the applications are working absolutely fine.

The importance of TDD/BDD/UT/automation

Additionally, this can work wonders when it comes to verifying the status of the production editions of the applications. However, what about the solutions, frameworks and topmost procedures that you are using during the ‘delivery’ of modifications, updates or the fresh features? Generally, people do not really do anything fancy other than depending on the customary topmost methods and tools which are highly capable, and mature, like TDD, BDD as well as unit tests/automation.

Most of the times, people keep discussing TDD and BDD: A few of the individuals even say that TDD is the certainly the best way to go; however, some people still believe that BDD is one and thing which should be implemented.

However, it is best to together use the BDD, TDD as well as the unit tests, and in sync, because  Unit tests are estimated to offer them what to test, TDD tells you when to test and when it comes to BDD, it tells you how to perform the test.

Also, it is a great practice to perform plenty of unit tests. As those tools are supplementary, and if the team is able to use them effectively, and for the right scope, then they are sure to be highly beneficial.

Additionally, always remember that before going into production stage you have performed the post-release procedures: Once a new app version is live, perform a proper sanity check on all the applications with the help of the production accounts so that you know what all the customers can see, and what it is estimated. Also, you would know that the applications are not crashing on the horde of devices that are supported. It is also important to make sure that the third-party systems that interrelate with the applications are properly integrated.


Even though maintaining product quality at the time of new feature delivery is a little difficult but the best way to tackle the problem is by finding out the possible errors on time. Therefore it is important for the testers to break pass the traditional working methods, develop new skills, and become highly efficient and quick in all the stages of the delivery process.

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