Why Marble May or May Not Be the Perfect Material for Your Bathroom

The bathroom renovation process is a tough one, particularly when it comes to deciding on which materials to use. The trouble is that there are simply so many different variations, decors, styles, colours and materials, which can often render you feeling a little lost and confused.

One of our favoured materials for bathroom basins and vanities is Marble, given that it is such a naturally luxurious and affordable stone. So, why is it then that every home isn’t using Marble for their bathrooms and kitchens? It is simple: while the stone is such an incredible material that is favoured among many; it isn’t always necessarily the most suitable – let’s explore a few pros and cons together and see if it’s the right material for you and your bathroom renovation. So following reading this article you will be able to make an informed decision about how you should be going ahead with your Bathroom renovation and which material is suited to your room.

The main benefits of using Marble

The first and main reason for using Marble is of course that it is such a naturally gorgeous stone - Not only that, but marble is quite easily recognisable as being one of the more luxurious of all of the materials used for kitchen and bathroom surfaces. Such a gorgeous stone boasts a natural connection to the outdoors and effortlessly adds a unique and distinctive charm to any home.

Oddly enough, marble is rather affordable compared to other natural stones which makes it all the more attractive to homeowners – being able to add an air of elegant and sophistication to your bathroom without paying over the odds for it can be reason enough for people to decide on this beautiful selection.

Marble can be utilised in a couple of different ways; old world or contemporary design. As marble is generally rather susceptible to stains or chips it can quite easily develop an aged yet arguably charming finish – to some people this is seen as being a negative feature; however others find such a look attractive, particularly in an old-style bathroom. There is on the other hand the option to regularly use protective sealants to form a layer over the marble that will help to maintain the smooth and unblemished personality that others prefer.

The cons when using Marble

Some people argue that because marble requires regular maintenance and care if you are to be able to keep it looking perfect; that it may not be worthwhile – others find that allowing the marble to age and develop its naturally weathered personality adds to the charm. It really does come down to the individual, there are other materials out there that do not require as much maintenance, though are they as arguably stunning? – That is down to your tastes. My girlfriend is both beautiful and high-maintenance; is it worthwhile? – I would argue yes, most of the time.

Marble is a much softer stone in comparison to the likes of granites and others. It is porous and often prone to scratching and etching; again, this may not be so much of an issue for you, though if you prefer to keep a young, smooth and almost perfect look about your bathroom then you may wish to go with a more durable material that will not require so much maintenance.

For the most part, I would argue that marble’s pros far outweigh the cons; especially given how reasonably priced it is in comparison to certain other materials. You can enjoy the look of luxury and a naturally old and charming personality without having to pay over the odds for it. Whatever takes your fancy: you decide. 

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