Why Laser Tattoo Removal Is Smarter Than Other Methods

Why Laser Tattoo Removal Is Smarter Than Other Methods

There are many tattoo removal methods like dermabrasion, use of creams, acid peels, surgery, and even covering it up with another one or plain ink. All these methods are good, but there is always a certain feature that makes laser tattoo removal smarter than each of these. In other words, these other methods of removing tattoos have certain challenges which are not present with lasers.

For example:

Dermabrasion: This involves deep exfoliation of the skin up to the dermis level to remove the inked layer. The method is extremely painful and leaves the skin open. These can easily lead to infections as opposed to lasers which do not leave an open skin.

Covering or hiding the tattoo: Sometimes the main intention of removing the tattoo might be to get rid of the image due to what it portrays. If this is the case, covering it up is an option. The major disadvantage with this method is that the shade is still there. Concealing a tattoo does not necessarily mean getting rid of it. As such as opposed to lasers, covering or hiding a tattoo is not appropriate for those who want to remove the tattoo completely.

Surgery: A surgical process of tattoo removal involves literally getting off the inked skin with a scalpel. As opposed to lasers which do not leave a scar and can be used on any size of a tattoo, surgery is only effective on small tattoos, and the most unpleasant part is that it leaves a scar.

Creams: Tattoo removal creams are basically a hype on tattoo removal. However, a majority of the people prefer them because of the price tag as well as their user-friendly features. The creams are made from bleaching agents which can have adverse effects on the skin, especially if not applied under the instructions of a professional. They fade the tattoo, but they cannot fully remove it because they are unable to reach the dermis section where the ink rests. Lasers, on the other hand, gets through up to the dermis level

Saline: The process uses osmosis to get rid of the tattoo. Once the saline solution is injected into the tattooed area, it absorbs the ink pigments to the surface of the skin where they form a scab that eventually falls off. The main downside of this process especially when compared to lasers is that it cannot completely remove the tattoo.

Other high-end features of laser tattoo removal:

Minimal recovery time: Because lasers do not leave an open wound, the recovery time associated with this treatment is minimal. In fact, even the probability of developing a secondary infection is very low.

Minimal pain: Some tattoo procedures, especially those that involve exfoliation of the skin can be painful. Although lasers are not completely painless, there is only an itching sensation during the process.

Professional care is provided: Lasers are mostly operated by skin specialists who know how to handle skin conditions. As such even if a complication arises during the tattoo removal process, the dermatologist can easily manage the condition effectively as opposed to some do it yourself methods.

Wrap up:

Laser tattoo removal is a user-friendly method of getting rid of tattoos under a dermatologist. The process is safe since there are no open wounds left. Laser tattoo removal might be expensive, but it’s worth every coin. It’s advisable to always follow a referral but if no one can refer you to a reliable doctor, do your due diligence and research before committing to a certain doctor for tattoo removal. Once you find your doctor, go in for a consultation to see how effective this treatment will be for your skin type.

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