Why Hire a Staffing Agency?

Staffing Agency
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If you are an employer in looking for the right candidates to fill the available job positions, you may not know where to start. Do you know why? Hiring and recruiting suitable candidates is hectic and chaotic. But don’t worry because hiring one of the best staffing agencies is the best decision you will make. A good agency will not just help you hire a good candidate. It will also offer you screening services.

What Are Staffing Agencies?

They are simply intermediaries between job seekers and employees. These intermediaries focus on matching talents with job opportunities. Mostly, they have a bank of already-screened candidates and can source more suitable ones when they don’t have an ideal candidate on board. Their major responsibilities include the following:

  • Job matching
  • Onboarding process
  • Legal matters and compliance
  • Candidate sourcing
  • Post-replacement follow-ups
  • Offering HR solutions


7 Benefits of Hiring Staffing Agencies

As a company owner, filling the available position with worthy candidates isn’t easy. This is why we recommend hiring a recruitment agency. The benefits of hiring one are:

1. Have Access to a Qualified Candidate

Staffing agencies have access to many candidates who are actively searching for job opportunities. They often use their internal databases as well as established screening techniques to identify candidates who have the skills you’re looking for.

2. Minimize Overhead Costs

A permanent employee will cost you more than just the salaries you pay them every month. You will also incur expenses, like employer taxes, vacation pay, healthcare, and sick days. By partnering with a staffing agency, you will not have to pay for all these. A staffing agency will pay them, without imposing additional overhead costs on you.

3. Reduce Expenses

Using a temporary associate from a staffing agency is more cost-effective compared to hiring a permanent in-house employee. HR managers can save you organizational funds that you may allocate for payroll-related taxes, packages, and employee benefits.

4. Save Time

Hiring a staffing agency is the best way to easily and quickly look for a perfect employee. It has enough experience for hiring, so the team there can easily get ideal candidates for your job position. This can save you time because you will not spend time to interview and recruit them yourself.

5. Competency

Working with a staffing agency whose team has specialized skills of certain roles and industries can come in handy, especially if your company needs technical knowledge of qualifications and requirements, like 3PL, IT, or engineering.

6. Get Insights on Employment Trends

The best thing about hiring a recruitment agency in is that you will have access to invaluable insights that they’ve gained through many years. Staffing agencies often follow recruitment trends in various industries. They as well keep with all the changing employment practices to efficiently source the right candidates. These insights will be helpful when revealing helpful information on benefit plans, salary trends, and strategies for attracting good candidates.

7. Handle Special Projects

Temporary or long-term, special projects often take specialized skills and time. Staffing agencies have access to trusted and talented experts to tap for special needs of a project. For instance, if you plan to implement or develop new software, you will need extra hand for a short period of time. This will be a good opportunity to hire an agency to help you with special projects as your TA team concentrates on permanent hires.

The Bottom Line

The role of staffing agencies in goes beyond hiring the right candidates for a company. They also ensure compliance, mitigate risks, and handle special projects on behalf of their clients.

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