Why is DevOps Certification Essential for Your Professional Growth?

The badge placed on the uniform of police is a pride for a policeman. By the number of stars, you may know the allegiance to the services they have served. Similarly, badge for the professional helps to know the dedication of work and the knowledge one has attained in his/her profession. In this post, we are going to discuss why DevOps certification is necessary for professional growth.

A flair understanding of the world of DevOps

DevOps is a popular collaborative term used in the world of IT. Professionals from the field of Development and Operations work together to tender the clients from design to development to implementation they are looking for. Let us have a brief look at what DevOps is:-

  • DevOps is a full investment lifecycle
  • DevOps is a team undertaking
  • DevOps enables better software development and delivery practices
  • DevOps accelerates the last mile of continuous delivery

DevOps Training and Certifications

List of available DevOps certifications

  • DevOps Foundation® Certification 

The DevOps Foundation course gives an essential perception of key DevOps expressions to ensure everyone is utilizing a comparable language of DevOps and features the upsides of DevOps to support legitimate accomplishment. 

  • DevOps Leader (DOL)® 

The DevOps Leader course is an exceptional and helpful experience for individuals who need to receive a transformational expert technique and have a considerable effect inside their venture by completing the highlights DevOps. 

  • DevSecOps Engineering (DSOE)℠

The course explains how DevOps security varies from other security approaches and gives the guidelines to appreciate and apply data and security sciences. 

  • Constant Delivery Architecture (CDA)℠ 

The course is proposed for individuals who are locked in with the arranging, execution, and organization of DevOps association pipelines and toolchains that help Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, Continuous Testing, and possibly Continuous Deployment. 

  • DevOps Test Engineering (DTE)® 

This expansive course tests ideas in a DevOps area and spreads thoughts, for instance, the dynamic usage of test robotization, testing prior in the progression cycle, and instilling testing capacities in architects, quality affirmation, security, and operational groups.

Advantages of DevOps certification

1. Better job opportunities

DevOps is a moderately new thought in the era of IT with more organizations utilizing procedures and practices of DevOps. By taking up accreditation in DevOps for approval of DevOps ranges of abilities, IT professionals can benefit from it. This will guarantee and ensure much better work choices.

2. Improvement in skills and knowledge

DevOps accompanies a large group of specialized and business benefits which after learning, can be actualized in an endeavor. The essentials of DevOps comprise of experts working in groups of a cross-practical nature. Such groups comprise of multi-disciplinary experts running from business analysts, QA experts, Operation Engineers, and Developers.

3. Expanded salary

The quick entrance of DevOps best rehearses in associations, and their execution in the referenced associations sees gigantic hikes in the compensation of DevOps experts. DevOps experts are the most generously compensated in the IT business.

4. Expanded productivity and effectiveness

The primary target of an IT proficient at the work environment is to be gainful for a bigger piece of the time he/she will spend at the work environment. This can be achieved by limiting the time spent on different representatives or programming items and eliminating the useless and uninspiring piece of the work procedure. This will support the effectiveness of the work done and will greatly add to the estimation of the organization and the staff too.

5. An advantage to build, run, and secure modern applications for the organization

Long periods of work can be reduced to only a couple of hours by utilizing the usage of DevOps. This will profit your organization extraordinarily and enable you to stand apart from your companions in the work environment.

The phenomenon behind DevOps certification for professionals

The methodology behind DevOps was thought as the fusion of different tools which includes operations management, Agile, Lean, Theory of constraints, and the management of IT services. The approach of DevOps computerizes the administration of the executives for the improvement of operational targets. To make a DevOps approach fruitful, you need cautious business the board and a social change to go with the correct abilities. To put it plainly, organizations consolidating DevOps practices are essentially accomplishing more things! Code is sent near multiple times more much of the time than that of contenders. As per a review led by Puppet Labs 2013 State of DevOps, under half of these organizations fall flat. Gartner has determined that one-fourth of the top global 2000 organizations had already adopted DevOps as their core strategy.

Technical Benefits: 

Issues are less mind-boggling and can be fixed significantly more effectively 
Programming conveyance turns into a constant procedure 
Issues are all settled more rapidly 

Business Benefits: 

All the highlights are conveyed more rapidly 
Operating environments become progressively steady 
Extra time is accessible to include esteem (as opposed to fixing/maintain)

What’s your step?

As per the data attained from Payscale, the DevOps Managers gain as much as $122,234 per annum, and DevOps designers can make an incredible $151,461 every year. Gartner has expressed in its report that 58% of the income of DevOps professionals are utilized in the diversion and media area, and 17% will be utilized in the training part. The report likewise addresses the topographical factor – 65% of the generously compensated DevOps specialists are utilized in California, 58% in New York, 41% in Texas, and 37% in Oregon. Having an enormous presence in the Silicon Valley in California gives the DevOps transformation a gigantic bit of leeway.

Four steps for the DevOps certification

DevOps certification exam preparation tricks

For most of the people, an examination is the most stressful part; there is a high degree of pressure to ride the outcome. Here are a few tips that may help you to crack the certification exam of DevOps:-

  • Begin your preparation early
  • Study frequently (at least 3 hours daily)
  • Join training
  • Finish the readings before starting the revision
  • Take the exam confidently and get certified!

Below table represents the different job roles available and the average salaries as per the skills and technologies are known-

DevOps Jobs Role Average Salary Skills and Technologies
Release Manager $153k Planning and software lifecycle management
DevOps Lead $80k Jenkins, Git, Nagios, Zabbix, bit bucket, SVN, Chef, puppet, Ansible
Devops Automation Expert $50k Git, SVN, bitbucket, Jenkins
DevOps Testing Professional $50k Unit testing, build testing, Selenium, MySQL
Software Developer $104k C, C++, Java, Ruby
System Engineer $100k Linux, AWS, Azure
Security Professional $100k IDS, Risk analysis, Penetration testing

Be among the first to get certified, stay aware of the patterns, and ascend your stepping stool to progress! What’s your decision now about this win-win scenario? Talk to us!

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