Why Are Companies Investing in Web Application Development?

Why Are Companies Investing in Web Application Development?

Web Application Development Cost

Since the last decade, new as well as established companies are investing in web application development cost in order to create a computer program which would utilize web browsers and web technology to carry out several tasks over the Internet. 
The Internet is used as a platform by millions of companies as a way of cost-effective communication between them and their customers. It is quick, easy to maintain and use, secure, can be used for personalized advertisement towards a targeted group and offers numerous other benefits. 
To reap the benefits of the internet it is essential that the company has an efficient web application which can locate, process, and store the various information that is needed to ensure the company’s growth, create a brand image, and help the company to stand apart from its competitors. This is why more and more companies are investing in web application development cost

How are Web Applications Developed?

In order to build web application a combination of server-side and client-side scripts are used. Server-side scripts, such as PHP and ASP, are used to manage the storage and processing of the data. While the client-side scripts such as HTML and JavaScript are used to present the data to the users. This facilitates interaction between the users and the company with the help of online forms, push notifications, content management system, shopping carts, and much more.
The web applications also enable the workforce of the company to share information and collaborate on projects with other employees. They can work on the same document in real time from different devices as well as applications.

Benefits of Having a Web Application

  • Web application pages are different from website pages because they can interact and respond with the user’s request instead of being pre-formatted. Here is a list of some of the benefits that a company can expect from a Web Application:
  • Web applications across all devices can be updated simply by sending an update to the web application development software. This saves a lot of time as it does not need to be installed individually on each device.
  • Web applications run on web browsers. Therefore, there is no need for upgrading the hardware when web applications are developed or updated. This eliminates large capital expenditures and thus, is a cost-effective option.
  • Web applications can be used on any devices across all platforms because the web browsers access them. This increases the accessibility of the company as people use their devices interchangeably. This also reduces the cost of developing web applications significantly.
  • Web applications are developed by using scripts such as HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. These are easier to code in as compared to the other scripts. Moreover, numerous frameworks can be used by the developers to develop web applications more quickly and easily.
  • The web applications also help the companies to improve their security by regularly updating their software with the latest patches without any hassle. 
  • Web applications also enable the employees to work remotely as the only requirement to access the web application is a stable internet connection. This helps to increase the productivity of the workforce.
  • The company can also ask the web application development company to include community support into the web application which can be accessed online in case of any issues to It provide a quicker resolution of the issues.
  • Web applications can be used instantly by users without having to download or install any software. The user can go to the web browser, log on and start using it.
  • Web applications also have built-in user tracking which enables the company to track the usage patterns of the customers in order to provide personalized recommendations and push notifications to them. In addition to it, the future versions of the web applications can be developed based on the requirements of the users.
  • Moreover, although the web applications are generally accessed online, offline versions can also be built just as quickly for the people who may not have access to uninterrupted internet connection.

How Much Does Web Application Development Cost?

The cost to develop a web application depends on the requirements of the company. There is no set cost, and different firms charge differently based on a number of factors. Some of these factors include:

  • The architecture of the app includes project setup, database model, and other features. The company needs to make a list of all the features that need to be included in the web application on the basis of their priorities. These features can be classified into different categories such as ‘must haves’, ‘should haves’, and ‘could haves’ and ‘won’t haves’.
  • The layout of the web application pages. This determines the way that the web application page would look as well as its user-friendliness. Having an easy-to-use web application page will ease the experience of the customers, and they will be more likely to use it again. Thus, increasing the loyal customers’ base.
  • The number of team members required for the project is directly proportional to the cost of developing the web application. This number may increase depending on the requirements of the company. 
  • The time required to develop the web application also affects the cost of the web application significantly. As with the number of the members required to develop the web application, this too depends on the requirements of the company.
  • Additionally, the cost incurred on training the workforce to use the new web application as well as the cost of maintenance should also be considered while determining the cost of developing a web application.

In Conclusion

Web app development can prove to be a considerable cost. For the companies that are starting out, and even for many small and medium scale companies, it may not seem viable; this leads to many companies forgoing developing a web application for their business and thereby losing many potential customers. 
The benefits of web applications to a company far outweigh the web app development cost. The internet has become an integral part of the communicating, marketing and overall business model of all companies. To utilize the full potential of the business and to grab a substantial market share, it is important that the business uses its online presence as a means to introduce brand loyalty among its customers.
An efficient web application is a perfect tool for that as the customers interact with the companies through the web application pages.

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