Who Are the Best Candidates for PRP Treatment?

Who Are the Best Candidates for PRP Treatment?

Platelet-rich plasma is commonly used in the treatment of hair loss as well as skin rejuvenation and resurfacing operations. Although it uses the patient’s blood, there are some who respond better to the treatment than others. The main causes of these cases vary from one person to the other, and we shall outline some of them.

Before we proceed to those factors, it is worth noting that patients with any skin type can use PRP treatment. However, some skin types will require more treatments than others.

What Makes You a Good Candidate for PRP Treatments?

The condition is still in the initial stages: PRP treatment will not fully restore the hair if most of it is already lost. In the same way, if the skin is extremely deformed from old age or other skin degrading factors like sunburns. However, in both the cases, it will improve but not perfect the condition. If not much hair is lost or there are only a few lines and wrinkles on the face, then PRP will restore the skin and hair to its natural state.

Good health: Since the process relies on the blood of the patient, good health is mandatory. A doctor cannot get blood from a patient who is suffering from another health condition like anemia. Before the dermatologist starts the treatment, it is important to ask for relevant examinations to determine whether you are fit for a PRP treatment. Also, a skin that is free from other infections will respond better to PRP treatments that are meant to enhance beauty. Anyone with cancer is not a good patient.

Free from other malignancy infections: The presence of an infection that can be transferred through blood or that causes uncontrolled cell division is a hindrance for those willing to take PRP treatment. Discuss the condition with your doctor if you have the slightest reason to believe that it can affect the outcome of the treatment.

The hair follicles are still functioning: When PRP is used hair restoration, it works best on those whose hair follicles are still functioning. Follicles can die due to poor nutrition or as a result of old age. To know the success rate of PRP treatment in treating the baldness condition, seek further help from medical practitioners and preferably one who is experienced in hair loss treatment.

Breastfeeding or expectant mothers: Pregnant mothers have a compromised immune system and starting a treatment that might lower the blood pressure due to reduced blood volume might be unhealthy for both the mother and the unborn baby. Also, their conditions make them more prone to infections more than other groups of people.

Nonsmoker and a non-alcoholic: Smoking is known to reduce platelets count in the blood and thus to get the required minimum of 3x platelets concentration, a large volume of blood might be required. Alcohol consumption is also known to inhibit the body’s ability to release stem cells.

Thrombocytopenia: This a health condition whereby the body is unable to produce enough platelets naturally. The inability makes PRP treatment impossible from the fact that your blood platelets will be used. However, if you have the capacity to use commercial platelets, then this might not be a hindering factor.

How to improve the candidacy for PRP

It's advisable to undergo relevant tests to make sure that you are the right candidate for PRP treatment. However, if the tests have already indicated otherwise, it is wise to first deal with the inhibiting condition before seeking further PRP treatment. Where the factors limiting you from taking PRP treatment are seasonal, you can wait for that duration to pass. When in doubt about what to do, consult a medical doctor.

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