When to use Tempered Safety Glass?

tempered glass

What is Tempered Glass Used For?

Tempered glass is more commonly used in the commercial buildings and places where there is a need for a quality high safety glass product. It is a different option than the standard glass option; most people are already familiar with the standard glass option, but they might wonder what tempered glass is all about and why should they prefer it for their building windows? Let us provide you with more details regarding tempered safety glass and good reasons for installing it for safeguarding your windows.

By Definition

By definition of tempered glass, it is used to safeguard the windows in most places where a stronger glass medium is required to safeguard the property and the lives of people. Tempered glass is the toughest option as compared to other available window glass options to be used in buildings. It is treated with heat and chemicals to provide greater toughness; there are many reasons why you should use the tempered glass for your doors in the United States.

It is already a popular glass type to be used in the homes and properties in densely populated areas.

Benefits of Tempered Glass

As discussed earlier, tempered glass is the toughest of all other standard glass options to be used effectively to safeguard any home or commercial building. Therefore being the ore aware of its strength and reliability, let us explain the important benefits it provides the home or property owners.

•    The most important benefit of using the tempered glass is the safety it provides the owners. Building projects are expensive and owners must confirm that they remain safe for the workers or dwellers who use the building after completion.

•    The glass can break anytime, but with tempered glass option, you won't have to worry too much about picking up the tiny broken pieces of glass spread across the floor and getting yourself hurt with the cleanup process. Even if the tempered glass ever breaks, it hardly injures anybody.

•    It is easier to clean up the tempered glass in case of breaking; instead of picking the large jagged pieces, you can pick up easily the smaller pieces of glass to ensure that the place has been properly cleaned up.

•    The most important benefit of the glass is its strength and reliability. Because the tempered glass is more strengthened by applying chemicals and heating process during manufacturing, it becomes more able to withstand the harsh extremes of weather and any mishappenings. The strength makes it an excellent choice for windshields, home windows and most other projects where it is desirable to have maximum durability with safety.

•    Tempered glass can be used conveniently for any purpose including your microwave, computer, car, windows, doors, cell phones and much more. The widespread use has increased the demands of tempered glass which makes it a much beneficial option as compared to ordinary glass.

•    Tempered glass is much stronger than the regular glass, it rarely becomes a source of a major accident or injury and keeps the house and family members safer. The thermal process of extreme heating is and very quick cooling characteristics increase the strength of the glass up to five or sometimes ten percent. You are recommended to use the tempered glass if you have small children at home. It keeps the home safe from the modest accidents.

•    Another factor is the quality of glass, the good quality of glass helps to maintain the temperature of the room which is another advantage you can gain from using it.

•    The glass is available in many myriad designs and patterns which makes the windows look great for you.

Check for Various Designs and Varieties

 It is advisable to first choose the type of tempered glass that you wish to use in your home or building. The better way to get a professional advice is to take the services of a local contractor; you can get a better idea of cost and price of tempered glass in this way. Make sure to check the quality of glass used, choose the right design for your windows to better suit the shape of your house.

The Smart Choice by Homeowners

Choosing the tempered glass for your home is a smart choice for the homeowners. At local stores, there are various designs and types of tempered glass available to choose from. You can visit their photo gallery on the website first and check for a most lucrative design to enhance the value of your dream home.

Use Almost Anywhere

It is a misconception that tempered glass can be used only in buildings or house windows; it is a safety glass that can be used throughout your home because the strength and durability make it a good choice for using at various indoor places.

For example at windows which are more than nine feet wide or tall, the tempered glass can be used for providing the best safety. However, in circumstances where windows are lower than 18 inches from the ground, the law does not provide the use of tempered glass. These specifications call for additional safety and security. According to the International Residential Code USA, tempered glass can be installed for all the doors and windows which are very small. But some states have some restrictions applied to the doors to use the glass panel for ensuring safety.

For example, near the wet areas, the family members can fall or slip if tempered glass is used in these areas. Some places like hot tubs and showers can have glass near them but not in a case where it is dangerous to use it.

Near Stairs and Home Appliances

Tempered glass is a type of safety glass that can be used near stairs. Most microwave Ovens and electric appliances with high temperatures also require the use of tempered glass to enhance the safety purposes. The high temperature may make the device dangerous and the glass may break in the extreme heat or temperature.

The experts recommend that using tempered glass near stair rails is more suitable from a safety point of view. It should be installed a few inches from the ramps and landings.

Wet Areas

Use the tempered glass near the wet areas of the home where there is more chance of falling or slipping. The accidents may happen in the wet areas like hot tubs and showers where a family member can break their bone in a worst-case scenario. Make sure that tempered glass is used near all the wet places at home. It will provide tow fold benefits, it won't easily or even if it breaks, it won't hurt anybody.


The above guidelines will help the homeowners or building owners to be aware of the excellent benefits of using tempered glass. Making a right choice is in your hands to ensure the safety and wellbeing of your family. Always use a safety tempered glass in all areas of your home.

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