The When and How of Wearing No Show Socks for Men

No Show Socks for Men

While there are socks that end at various parts of your leg that is the foot, ankle, and knee, many people today prefer to go in for the no show socks. After all, while there are some outfits that complement a look that shows off your socks, there are other times too. Times, when you think that not showing your socks, make the outfit look more appealing. After all, there are times when sneakers look better with no socks. However, when you don’t wear socks, you may only be setting up the base for encountering blisters and bites.

However, there is a solution. In the form of no show socks. Here is the when to wear these socks and how to wear these socks and other basics you need to know in between:

Warm and sunny weather

You know you need to rethink your sock strategy when the weather has changed to become warm and sunny. No show socks for men are also known as loafer socks or loafer liners. These socks are best worn during this kind of weather. This does not depend upon seasons. This means that you do not need to wear these socks only during the summer months. Whenever it feels hot and warm is time to wear them.

When you know your ankles are going to be on display

The main thing you need to know about no show socks is that you have to do them when you know that you are going to be showing off your ankles. This proves to be the best option for the times you are wearing shorts and three-quarter jeans. They also look impeccable when you are donning them with suits.

They look best at informal setups

If you are heading to the beach, a dance event, a hangout with friends, you can wear your no show socks and know that you are always going to make a fashion statement. In fact, these socks look the best at most if not all informal setups and on almost all informal outfits. These socks add to the informality of the situation so you need to be a little wary about wearing them if you are dressing up.

You can wear them with all kinds of shoes

You know that when you buy socks that are the no-show kind, you are going to be buying socks that blend in with all kinds of shoes. You can wear these socks with all types of shoes whether you are going in for casual shoes such as sneakers and loafers or even the more formal kind of shoes such as oxfords.

Looking after your socks

See that you limit the chances of stretching the socks. If you can hand wash them as if you put them in the washing machine, it can get tangled or even snagged. Also, your socks may be too dirty to throw them in with the rest of your clothes pile. When handwashing, first soak the socks in warm water and use a mild detergent on them. See that you soak your socks for no more than three to five minutes. If you have it, go in for 10 minutes.

Wash them properly

It is also important to wash them in a systematic manner. If your socks are delicate, they do not need too much pressure to get all cleaned up. All you have to do is move them around in soapy water. If your socks are made from a thicker material, it may need more force and rubbing to get rid of the dirt. You can even use a clothes brush on the stubborn dirt and rinse properly. Make sure you use this on the more soiled areas such as the heel area.

So there you go. Now that you know how to wear these socks, when to wear these socks and how to look after these socks, go ahead and ensure you use them to up your style and comfort quotient in the best way you can.

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