What is the Importance of Quora for SEO and digital marketing?


People are always keen on finding out information from whichever sources they can lay their hands on. Internet being one of them has its influence on people from all walks of society, where they resort to whenever they stumble upon any issue. The transition in the sources of acquiring knowledge from the internet is diverse. People can now get their queries addressed by availing to all channels that are set out on the internet starting from Yahoo, Google to Quora.

Quora is a breakthrough in the field of digital marketing that has presented new ways of promoting a product with an underlying effort of answering questions. Furthermore, the importance of Quora is widespread and at the same time, incredible and undeniable.

Intrigued? Good! Let’s delve deep into it.

What is Quora?

Quora is often mistaken as social media post writing but is far from it. It is a Q/A platform, inaugurated by two former employees of Facebook. It started as a close group avenue mostly accessed by Silicon Valley employees, but later on, with a frequent update of pertinent questions along with their answers, this forum gained increased popularity.

Quora is more like a public platform that is knowledge-oriented, where people visit erudite themselves on subjects that concern them. The answers in Quora can be promoted and used a medium of digital marketing, with a mention of a URL that is re-routed to their company.

Why Quora is significant for SEO?

Importance of Quora in the field of SEO is quite substantial, as it affects substantially in the sphere of digital marketing. SEO means search engine optimisation, where it can help a website bring in lot more traffic and leads, and rank higher in the search results.

These SEO requirements are carefully maintained in Quora articles as well as providing adequate scope for companies to promote their brands and websites.

Let’s look closely, in what ways Quora is a compelling factor for SEO

Integrating backlinks – According to digital marketing companies, Quora happens to be an excellent sphere for attracting traffic and visibility in this digitally driven world. Quora is knowledge based on a platform which facilitates users with answers and also allows them to post their queries. The benefits do not stop here, as in this sphere, contributors can also post backlinks of credible sites, which boost the SEO of a company and higher its  SERP ranking.

Building authority – customers and users are more inclined towards profiles who possess comprehensive knowledge over their fields and are knowledgeable about the products they are marketing. This single aspect builds credibility factor on the company name and helps them gain an authority which they can choose to count upon.

How can Quora be used for digital marketing?

Quora is usually made up of a big community who foster this reciprocal relationship of answering and submitting questions in this platform. Here users either post them and wait for getting it answered, or they offer informative solutions to the issues that are already posted. With every update of answers that are enlightening and adequately addresses the query, a contributor automatically acquires a credibility status for itself. Digital marketing companies employ this platform to promote their brand subtly and also answer questions that concern their brand objectives. Since the figure of Quora users is increasing exponentially, brands and companies are garnering more views and traffic through this platform.

Therefore the importance of Quora is justifiable, as it poses as a platform where digital firms are restoring their faith to bind impactful digital presence. Several digital marketing companies in order to climb the ladder of Google ranking game has hired professional writers from content writing services to frame Quora answers on their company’s behalf. This will not only upsurge their SEO strategy but will cater to the problems of the users with relevant solutions.

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