Ways to Work Smarter than Your Colleagues in Class

work smarter

We all know that education is a very important aspect in the life of everyone. However, it is also important to know how to excel in academics.

By now, you must have heard the saying “Don’t work hard; work smart”. Well, the truth is that this saying holds true…even for academic endeavors. No matter how much work you do, it will do you good to work smarter rather than doing all the hard work and still coming with an average result.

So how do you work hard?

Look through below:

You need to understand that different courses require different types of studying.

 One of the ways through which you can work smarter is by understand the features of ever course and the fact that you can’t study for all your courses the same way. Every course isn’t the same, and as a smart student, you just have to know that. While in college, you will need to fit yourself to a lot of various professors who have very different (and sometimes, even conflicting) methods of running and managing their classes as well s evaluating your overall performance at the end of the school year. While some professors are generally nice, some are real hard to deal with and passing their courses won’t just be a piece of cake.

Actually, this runs just like it is in real life (except for the fact that in life, instead of professors, you have boss). Your job is to try to determine how each class is run, how you will be graded (in terms of parameters and points to look out for, that is), and when you get those, you plan yourself accordingly. There will most probably be courses where you don’t need to read too much and there will be others where you will have to do a little reading before every class in order not to be lost when the professor is delivering his lecture. Courses vary in density and volume, and you need to know which courses to give extra attention to.

Another way to solve this is to know yourself. For instance, if you’re a student of Economics and you know that you’re not really good at Math, then you might want to consider devoting more time to solving Math questions and less time to normal questions on Microeconomic Theory.

Use the best tools

Technology has become a major part of education in today’s world. So much so that without certain tech tools, making awesome grades might be more difficult than you expect. You have t have the best in gadgets and equipment so as to keep up with the stern competition. The major devices that you’ll need are a laptop, a printer, and of course, your mobile phone.

An efficient laptop computer helps you with searching for online tools and getting suitable materials, when you need to get your project on to paper form, you will need access to a printer (although ultimately, you can actually manage without a printer and still be fine) and you need a phone because…well, who doesn’t need a phone in today’s world?

Access to tech definitely gives you the edge, no matter the course you study.

Pay attention in EVERY class

Also, make sure to pay attention to class discussions. If you’re in a class that grades with essays most of the time, this will do well for you. When in class, be present both in mind and in body.


This is because most professors, although they might not know it, actually let off a lot while lecturing. There is a lot of information that you will be privy to when you listen in class and this information can go a long way in helping you out when exam time rolls over. Make sure to look out for points where your professor hammers on a lot. There is a huge likelihood that you’ll be seeing examination and quiz questions on these areas.

Get (and keep yourself) informed

The major distinction between average students and exceptional ones is their access to quality and timely information. No matter what you’re doing or the course you’re studying, information will definitely pass around; information on courses, examination dates, areas of concentration, materials being release, paper tips, etc. when all this information begins to pass around, you should do whatever you have to make sure that it doesn’t pass you by. Always make sure to stay in the loop and ensure that you are informed about any tit-bit. It will definitely help you a lot.

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