Using Chess Games To Build Corporate Strategy


There are currently many types of strategy games that can be played electronically. They can be played on computer desktops or mobile phones. You can even turn on the sound to enhance the gaming experience and even invite other gamers online to join you in your game. To make the game even more attractive, the game developers create very advanced and realistic graphics which are a visual treat for all gamers.

With all this in mind, will there be room for the game of chess?

I have written this article to highlight how a simple game of chess in the workplace can enhance corporate strategy. Here are some tips.

Chess Pieces

The standard chess game has a fixed set of pieces with their unique moves and point system. It is good to provide a refresher course in chess-playing so that all members can play the chess game with confidence.

With reference to the working environment, the chess game is a good starting point of market research and feasibility study. Players can apply the setting up of the pieces with doing a quick inventory check and system analysis to get a sense of the current stock within the organisation.

Chess clock

Just like in a real business environment, every chess game has time-constraints that force business leaders to make the best decision within a given time. If they delay because of indecisiveness, their competitors may gain ground by doing more R&D to woo customers to their own products.

Following through, the chess player has to ensure that he is not running down his own clock because he may lose the chess game.

The first move

In business, we have to accept that we may need to react to the moves of our immediate competitors or even new technology that may change the preferences of our current customers. In this sense, we may not be able to experience the first mover advantage.

Along the same lines, this is the challenge of playing with black chess pieces. The player in black has to accede to the chess opening of the player in white and may have to wait till the middle game to try to move the game to a different pattern of play that will be more advantages to them.

Memorising chess openings

There are many books that offer a selection of chess openings and their origins. The memorising of certain standard chess openings can be related to the process of starting a new business.

There are certain administrative procedures to create a legal business entity before business can start. To further elaborate, it is like getting ahead with the advice from government officials about incorporating a new business.


The chess gambit can be likened to making an exchange that may put you at an apparent disadvantage in terms of chess points. This situation may not be an act of defiance but rather a deliberate act of unloading a chess piece.

In the business context, the chess gambit can be viewed as the company decided to cease operations of an unimportant production line in order to refocus on better strategic activities that may offer better prospects for shareholders.

Draw offer

To find new ways of collaboration, there could be an offer of a draw to the opponent. The symbolism in business can be even more impactful.

There can be a situation where both competitors accept that the market can accept 2 providers because the product is in its infancy stage and these two companies have to unite to bring in more exposure and interest in order to increase the customer base. Perhaps after this cooperation, there will emerge more economies of scale for the new market.

Enjoy your game!

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