Use TikTok To Boost Workplace Productivity

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I must admit to all readers, I have just recently created my TikTok account and have explored it with an open mind. There was an initial sense of tiredness as I just got used to promoting my education business using Instagram and Facebook. I was wondering if TikTok is like a short version of these two social media platforms, meant for the younger group with much lower sense of patience and focus.

I was wrong to a fault.

I have been astounded by the energy and creativity of TikTok that I feel that HR must seriously look into how it can be used in the workplace setting to help the organisation boost productivity and creativity. Is this a pipedream and a frivolous escapist idea just to get away from the monotony of the daily grind? Not true. How can this be done?

Here are some tips that you can apply to your workplace.

The message

Every TikTok recording should have a message in order to create a sense of purpose and direction for the viewer. The message can be a new product launch or even the celebration of the organisation’s 5th year of incorporation. Do not be too ambitious. Just stick to one singular message for a start.

The music

Matching music to the message will heighten the viewer’s memory and recall. There is a selection of mood music in the TikTok archive so you do not need to rush and make the wrong decision. Do remember that your workers may be of different generations thus it is appropriate to take a vote for the final music choice.

Creating Text for Video

You can create some text for your own liking to communicate clearer. Though the list of colours is not exhaustive in TikTok, they provide you with an opportunity to customise. Note, do not allow your text to cover the rest of your recording or the viewer is left being confused by the whole experience. Maybe you can ask your team to suggest a phrase to be typed with the video.


There are many TikTok users who lip-synch over their selected pre-recorded songs or dialogue. Personally, I think that for corporate group-activity, it is good team-working group activity for them to practise to speak directly in the video. This will boost their confidence and indirectly help build their personal branding.


I feel that you should limit the duration of the recording to a maximum of 3 minutes. This is to further encourage your team to get to the message quickly. Do not feel pressurised to get your TikTok recording done in the first take. It should be trial and error, almost like a social experiment.


As a corporate group activity, creating TikTok videos should be light-hearted and not reveal any confidential information to the general public. Your team is not creating an MTV video but to let out group creativity in a safe setting of non-judgement. Another way of looking at this activity of creating TikTok is like building up a large communication tool.

Public Comments

Allowing the public to post comments may not be appropriate for the first 6 months of this regular workshop. The reason is simple. Some comments may be too harsh, and your team may leave the session with low self-esteem. This is not the desire of the game-organisers.


The HR manager should provide constructive feedback after viewing the finished TikTok recording. He should create a template of checklist to ensure that workers have a set format of how they had performed. This form must be given to each member with strict confidentiality.

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