Understanding the Importance of Precision Machining Services

The process of removing material from a very high tolerance material is known a precision machining.  The tolerance depends on the particular requirement and the machinery being used. Generally, a Computer Numerical Controlled (CNC) is utilized to deliver precision machining services. It can easily handle a tolerance between the range of 0.003" or 0.004 MM. It requires the programming of computer numerically controlled devices.

The Precision Machining is the term utilized for a number of processes altogether.  It can be taken as a combination of metal-cutting and non-metal cutting processes.  It contains a number of subcategories such as Turning, Milling and Jig Boring, Water Cutting and Laser Cutting, etc. It uses traditional machines along with computer numerical controlled machines, EDM technology, and precision operations. With the continuous introduction of new technologies in manufacturing industry, companies experience an immediate demand of the capable machinist to build and maintain machines and equipment.

It serves the needs of a wide range of industries from industrial, commercial, as well as military. The machined items are common around in daily life, such as electric motors, car engines and clocks. Precision machine devices include Machine Tools, Milling Machines, Lathes, Grinders, Laser Cutter, Water Jets, and many more. Laser cutters use a beam to wear away the surface, the cutter such like tungsten carbide, cobalt or HSS is used. On the other hand, water cutting tools use water cutting technology i.e. extremely high-pressure water and are accurate in comparison to laser cutters.

One of the most important types of CNC machining services is 5-axis machining, utilized for machining various Thermal shock resistant materials. It has 3 linear axes and an additional two rotary axes and helps to rotary table form or rotary axes on the machine spindle and headstock. 5-axis machining is one type that allows you to manufacture a wide variety of products for a manufacturing company.  For those components which are complicated and require high precision, 5-axis CNC machining is an advanced solution. The accuracy is much higher with this type of machining.

Consider Below Advantages of Machining 5- Axis CNC Machining:

1.    The shapes that are complex to machine in one single step can be easily machined utilizing 5-axis machining process. 

2.    Shorter cutting tools can be used with this type of machining as the cutter oriented to surface. It helps to achieve better results by making use of finer cutting speed and better tool vibration. 

3.    It has greatly reduced the machining time, errors and costs in terms of tools required and task performed. As a machinist, you can enjoy faster, accurate and affordable results for the project.

4.    Precision machining services have enabled easy handling of tools that are extremely complex and otherwise require casting. 

5.    This technology has made the process of hole drilling much easier. It saves time when it comes to drilling because ample of time is required to drill a series of holes. However, with the 5-axis machine, it is easy to orient the head along the right axis and drill every hole automatically. It means that hole drilling can be completed faster using the 5-axis machining.


The five-axis machining can handle a number of Thermal shock resistant material, including high-temperature alloys such as stainless steel, titanium, copper, tungsten, carbon steel, sterling silver, bronze, and brass.

Machining technology encompasses several different aspects of the machining and manufacturing industry. There are several items that can be created using precision machining such as an electric motor, car engines or just a simple wall clock. You are very important and there are a number services you can choose from depending on the project and needs that you have at hand for your products. With this technique, material can be removed from a component at a very high tolerance. 

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