The Ultimate House Moving Checklist for 2020

The Ultimate House Moving Checklist for 2020

Moving house is a significant event in our lives, and there are many things to be taken care of at that time, such as moving the goods safely, not exceeding the budget, settling the bills, etc.
There is a lot of physical labour and planning involved during the entire process. One of the primary steps you need to take is to hire an efficient removals company that will take care of the safe transport of your goods to the new house. While selecting the house movers firm you select should have the right vehicles suited for the area where you are living.

Making a house moving checklist for House Removals Process

To ensure that you do not forget anything important on the actual moving day, you need to prepare an extensive moving checklist that will cover everything. Here is the checklist that will ensure that your house moving experience remains a pleasant one:

Inform your utility suppliers:

Make a list of all the utility suppliers, such as gas, water, electricity, internet service provider, whose services you are using and inform them in advance of your moving plan.
That will provide adequate time for them to transfer your services, such as telephone or internet, to your new house as some of these processes take time. So informing well in advance will give time to the suppliers to make the arrangements and you can start using these services on the day of your moving itself.

Fix the date for moving:

One of the first things you need to do is to decide the actual date of shifting after confirming with the seller and other parties involved. This will enable you to inform your employer and avail of leave at the appropriate time.
Inform your removals about the date and check whether it is convenient for them. Allot some time for essential chores at the new house, such as cleaning up the rooms, doing the painting, etc.

Hire the right mover:

Before selecting a firm from your list of removals, get estimates from them and compare the prices of all the firms. See which of the estimates matches your budget perfectly. Also, study the removals reviews, and compare their ratings.
Look at the customers’ feedbacks and you will learn about the quality of the services they offer. It would be helpful to get to know from them about any issues that may have come up during moving. Compare which one of them provides better services for money spent.

Dispose of unnecessary things:

There may be many things you possess that you may not be using at your new property. Moving all these things will unnecessarily lead to a lot of extra expenses as many removal companies charge as per the number of goods moved.
So prepare a final list of the items you will need and decide what you can do about the remaining unwanted things. You can give off some of the items to charitable institutions, or you can even sell some of the items.

Get to know your new home properly:

Before moving to your new home, ask your seller about everything you will need to know, such as the location of the fuse box, electricity meter, valve for opening and stopping the water supply, instruction manuals for appliances, etc.
This is an essential step as otherwise you may be caught in a situation where you don’t know how to switch off the electric connection or water supply. Similarly, you also need to provide your new tenant moving to your house with such a list of important things so that he will get familiar with all the fittings and appliances.

Make a list of all your items, pack properly and provide labels:

First, you will need to get all the right packing materials required, such as different sized boxes, packing tape, paper, special containers for specific items, etc. You will have to pack items first, which you will not use immediately on moving.
Those items which you will use immediately on shiftings, such as toothbrushes, or soaps can be packed last. There should be a label on all the boxes listing whatever is contained so that you will not waste time searching for anything. It would also be a good idea to take photos of valuables and pack them separately in a secure container so that you can check them later.
In the label, also write which boxes belong to which rooms. This inventory list can be used for comparing with the list of the removals company to check whether all items have been transferred.

Inform your friends and relatives:

Provide your new address and contact numbers to all your important people, such as your friends and relatives, office, insurance companies, banks, etc. This will enable the banks to send their statements or chequebooks at your new location.
Also, remove your old address given to your online shopping stores and update it so that you will receive your parcels at your new place. Not informing these people will unnecessarily result in delays in getting your correspondence and other essential items.

Pay your bills in time:

Make a list of all pending payments to services, such as the telephone companies, broadband service, credit card companies, etc. and settle all their payments so that you will not be bothered with any old bills at the new house.

Pack essential things separately:

On moving, you will need to use many necessary things, such as your toothpaste, tea, sugar, salt, chargers, etc. So these items should be packed in separate boxes with appropriate labels so that you will not waste time searching for them. Another important thing is to keep all essential documents such as your passport, identity card, or driving license at a place where they can be retrieved easily.

This checklist will help you to move to your new home with the help of professional house movers without any hassles. It will enable you to unpack easily and place all items in their correct places without any confusion. With this ultimate checklist, you will have a kick start for your life at your new home.

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