The Ultimate Guide To Covid Cleaning

covid cleaning

Corona Virus spreads through the droplets emanated when an infected person coughs or exhales. 

It can also be transmitted by touching the nose or eyes after being contacted by an infected surface or person. Its most common symptoms are fever, dry cough, and tiredness, but if the situation worsens, the virus attacks the respiratory system and kills the human being. WHO (World Health Organisation) and doctors advised that maintaining hygienic surroundings, physical distance, and wearing a mask are the only ways to stop the virus.

Importance of cleanliness

There's a famous saying that goes, "Cleanliness is next to godliness". During ancient days, people always washed their hands and legs before entering their homes as a way to show respect. This practice increased cleanliness in homes which in turn reduced the attack of infections. There are many reasons why you should give importance to hygiene. 

The following are a few:

  • Improved health and wellness

People can get sick due to environmental contaminants indoors. Effective cleaning should be a part of your daily routine to avoid infectious diseases through these contaminants. Moreover, a clean and healthy environment increases the productivity of family members, staff, employees, students, and occupants. A clean environment benefits the health and well-being of the people in the particular area. 

  • Safety

An unhygienic workplace is the root cause of many accidents inside an office. Many hazardous events such as falls, fire accidents, trips, and slips are a result of a dirty workplace. A clean environment promotes safer work. You will be able to concentrate completely on your work without any distractions or worries about safety if the area you work in is clean and neat. Allergens such as dust and vapors will also be significantly reduced.

  • Prevents manifestation

You already know what happens if you leave food items open in your home. Many flies and roaches rush to make a living in your house and start multiplying uncontrollably. Now you are left with a bug-infested home. No one likes insects! Bugs are not only cringy, but they also cause and spread a variety of diseases. The only way to avoid this problem is to clean regularly and ensure your home or workplace has no waste indoors that is left unattended. 

  • Increase the life of the building

Think about all of the things we come in contact with every day. Ranging from simple door handles and switches to computer devices, you can get infected with any item! Having a maintenance program will decrease repairs and improve the neatness of a place. Among other things, ducts and pipes are rarely cleaned in buildings. Due to this, everyone faces sudden damages that disrupts daily activities. Doing routine cleanups will allow you to prevent repairs and predict any damages that may occur.

Covid cleaning checklist

The world is facing strict lockdown due to this dangerous disease. All you can do to keep yourself safe is to maintain proper hygiene. While it may sound simple, you might have missed many points that you should include in your Covid cleaning checklist.

  • What you need to clean

Detergents, warm water, mops, clean clothes are sufficient for you to start cleaning your home or workplace. Other items such as disinfectant sprays, powders, and cleaners can also be used for efficient cleaning. You should always follow the manufacturer's instructions on detergents and solutions maintenance. Wear a uniform to keep yourself neat while cleaning. If you are cleaning any surface that is contaminated with a virus, make sure to wear gloves and a face mask. Avoid touching your face until the cleaning is complete.

  • What you should clean

Shared rooms such as kitchens should be cleaned frequently to stop the spread of the coronavirus. Do not forget fridge doors, drawers, handles, etc. Clean all the cutlery that is shared among people with hot water. If you share your mobile with any person, disinfect it with a spray before using it. Avoid liquids while cleaning electronic equipment. It is better to get a cleaning service in case of doubt.

What to disinfect if a person is tested positive?

  • Laundry: Use high temperatures to wash laundry, wear gloves throughout the process. Do not hold the clothes close to yourself; use a disposable bag instead.
  • Waste: All the used tissues and other waste should be collected in a separate bag, which should be tied within 2-3 hours to stop the virus from spreading. 
  • Vehicles: To reduce the amount of living SARS-CoV-2 virus, the vehicle used by a covid positive person should be left for an hour untouched before cleaning.

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