Types of Social Media Content - Realigning Social Media Marketing with Content Writing

Social Media Content

In the world’s history, social media has been the fastest-growing trend. As per stats, within 10 years of being available publicly, social media has successfully garnered 1 billion users. It’s surprising but true that this platform has witnessed a growth faster than the internet itself.

Social media platforms like Facebook have been the biggest grosser with close to 2 billion active monthly users by 2017. Emerging terms like ‘nomophobia’ only bring back the focus to its popularity. No wonder, businesses now invariably allocate their digital marketing resources for social media marketing to enjoy outreaching benefits.

Not to mention, content forms an integral part of social media today. With the power to intrigue visitors, provide them with valuable information and keep them hooked to the latest trends, social media content goes a long way in achieving digital marketing goals.

The world of content writing has thus come up with different types of content that go just perfect to attract the targeted audience in a sea of users that flock internet. Let’s have a look at them one by one to understand how social media marketing has been generating staggering ROIs with the help of these content types.

Types of content for social media marketing:

  • Newsworthy content

Research suggests that social media users scroll various sites and platforms for one common reason – extracting news about current trends. Moreover, businesses measure their social media ROI through the number of likes, shares, tweets, retweets and other popularity indicators their posts rides hide on.

As per the raw numbers published by Fracti and Buzzstream, news articles received significantly higher social shares than any other content type. Businesses can thus count on newsworthy content when producing articles and blogs for distribution to achieve their social media marketing targets.

With the engagement factor integrated into this content type, it only adds value to what your target audience might be looking for, thus fulfilling their purpose. Resultantly, it receives more shares and likes, making your content popular. Some of the best content writing agencies make sure you receive content that is suited as per your industry’s target audience while being aligned with your digital marketing goals.

  • Interactive content

The CEO of Cyber Alert recently stated that social media content today is more about interactive factor and less about words alone. It’s the user experience that interactive content offers that makes it stand out from the rest.

Also, while the average bounce rate for all social media content types remains at 45%, it reduces to 20% for interactive content. Engagement results are thus high for this content type and desired engagement can be achieved only with a quarter of the total traffic to the site.

Businesses can thus expect to derive desired results by integrating interactive content in their social media marketing strategies. Make sure to approach the best of professional content writers to nail your interactive social media post writing.

  • Infographics

‘Short and crisp’ is the mantra that social media users follow today when scrolling through feeds. With loads of content flooding their news feeds every day, all they do is skin through it to find the most precise and valuable information.

Hence, infographics come as a perfect mix of information and graphical representation to convey just the right message in time. Given the attention span of humans has shortened significantly; they also capture the reader’s attention in time with attractive and catchy descriptions.

The popularity of infographics is backed up by the fact that text-only content has only 70% understanding rate, while text and picture-based content has a high understanding rate of 95%. So, with infographics offering such high engagements, why not go for a social share of this content to receive millions of shares right back to take your business closer to social media marketing goals?

  • Content evoking a strong, positive emotion

While information is the core content integration, internet users, most of the times, look for subtle inspiration driven by emotions. It is now not surprising that happy and positive emotions inspire people to take the next actions.

A study says 25% of internet users would proceed for the next step if they are awed by the content, 17% by laughter, 15% by amusement, 14% by joy and 6% by surprise. When implementing social media marketing strategies, you can thus bank on content that evokes these emotions to gather more likes and shares.

  • Content with lists

The Buzzsumo study performed by OkDork concluded that content with lists is one of the most shared forms on social media followed by infographics. Other popular posts that ranked high for most shares included how-to posts, why posts and what posts.

Another finding by Hubspot suggests the highest social traction for list posts at 22.45%. As these posts are easily skim-able and serve perfectly for people short of time, they fit apt with social media users who try to acquire a wide base of information in the least possible time.

Today, content writing companies come with the expertise to produce content in listed format to suitably serve social media feeds of their clients.

  • Content carrying images

Here are some staggering data regarding the popularity of images on social media.

  • Facebook receives approximately 300 million image uploads from users across the globe every day.
  • Instagram usage has increased by 1,179% in the past six months.
  • Facebook posts with photos received 53% more likes than posts without photos.
  • Social media posts with images had engagement as high as 180% as compared to others.

Now, these facts and figures are sufficient to back up why you should include content with an image in your posts for social media marketing. Well, yes, images are shareable and content with images is more appealing for its ease of understanding.

Are you still undecided on which content type to use for your social media marketing campaign? Well, that entirely depends on the industry your business operates in and the requirements of your target audience on social media. So, get set to up your digital marketing game with the right content type for your business.

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