Two Lesser-Known Cases of the “0x0000007B” Error Code

The error code “0x0000007B” may occur on your devices due to many reasons, but knowing the exact one can help in applying the correct PC troubleshooting strategy. Computer geeks recommend scanning the device to look out for possible PC flaws that can brief you about the problem occurring in the background. Read the article below to know about the two lesser-known cases of the error code with their possible solutions.

Windows OS is one of the most popular desktop operating systems that impress millions of worldwide users with its efficient programming and easy-to-navigate user interface (UI). The system software is a favorite of all the leading OEMs, and many of them offer free pre-install copies of the OS along with their products. Since Windows is a popular platform, it doesn’t mean that the software doesn’t have any security issues or performance flaws. Windows errors may occur anytime to interrupt your pleasurable computing experience and put an end to your productive environment. Various online support firms offer quick resolutions to such problems for protecting PC parts against irreparable damages. Read below to know two different scenarios of the error and the tips to fix the same:

Case1: Occurrence of Error Code on a Mirrored Dynamic Disk

You may get the "Stop: 0x0000007B" error message when you try to power on your PC to a mirrored dynamic disk. Users having software mirroring dynamic disks for boot partition will get the following error code while starting up or shutting down their systems:

“STOP: 0x0000007B (0x817bdee8, 0xc0000010, 0x00000000, 0x00000000) Inaccessible_Boot_Device”


Cause of the Error

The problem may occur if the primary boot disk reports some unrecoverable disk I/O errors and has failed redundancy. The situation causes the primary boot volume to get flagged and prevents you from booting to the faulty volume. Additionally, the occurrence of the error also changes the "recover" status of the boot volume in the Logical Disk Manager (LDM) database.

How Computer Technicians Will Resolve the Error Code?

Some Early Preparations

  • Confirm that the dynamic disk you will be using for mirroring of the operating system is healthy
  • Verify that it doesn’t have any errors or faults
  • If it has some errors, then reactivate the disk to reset the LDM flags.

Since the troubleshooting tips for the error codes require some expert skills and technical knowledge, you will need to work around the problem using a fault tolerance (FT) boot floppy. You can use the boot floppy to restart the system and boot the device again using the operating system located on the shadow drive.

  1. Once you restart your computer, start the ‘Disk Management’ utility.
  2. Right-click the primary drive (displaying a yellow triangle next to it).
  3. Click the ‘Reactivate Disk’ option to remove the recovery flag and start regeneration.
  4. After the mirror gets regenerated, you can restart your system with the primary drive.
  5. Ask computer geeks to investigate the causes of the I/O errors on the primary drive.
  6. You can even check the system event log for event messages to identify the startup problem.

Case2: Occurrence of Error Code After a New Motherboard Gets Installed

You may experience the error code on the Windows PC just after you finish installing a brand new motherboard on your system. The error message will appear on your system startup and will not allow you to perform any of the computing operations until you resolve the issue. It is one of the blue screen errors that will display the following message as its description:

“STOP: 0x0000007B: (parameter1, parameter2, parameter3, parameter4)


Cause of the Error

The error may occur if your newly installed motherboard incorporates an embedded IDE controller, using a different chipset than the original motherboard.

Computer Support Tips to Resolve the Error Code

  • Restart Windows 2000 Setup and you will need to repair the Windows 2000 installation.
  • Insert the Windows 2000 Setup floppy disks or CD-ROM to start your PC by configuring it to start from the CD-ROM drive or DVD drive.
  • Once you reach the ‘Welcome to Setup screen,’ press ‘Enter’ to continue the repair process
  • Read the license agreement carefully and press ‘F8’ key, when a message to accept the Windows 2000 licensing agreement pops-up.
  • Select ‘Windows 2000’ as your current installation and press ‘R’ key to begin the repair process.
  • Follow the instructions to repair your Windows 2000’s installation.
  • Once the process gets completed, restart your device and check that if the error gets resolved.


The “0x0000007B” error code may appear due to plenty of reasons, but you will need to find out the exact cause for getting rid of it completely. Various computer support companies offer 24/7 remote tech services to resolve such annoying computing errors, but they end up charging heavy repair bills. You must try these online support services, but only if you and other tech geeks are not able to resolve the error. Fixing this error code as soon as it occurs is quite important because it is associated with the crucial PC parts and may damage them to an irreparable extent if not resolved on time.

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