Treatment for Eye Disease


Can you imagine a life without your eyes? Eyes are very important part of our body, without eyes how would we enjoy the world around us? Our eyes are the delicate part of our body but a very complex organ with many parts working together in order to produce clear vision. It’s so difficult even to imagine a life without our eyes. Our eye is made up of several major components such as the cornea, pupil, lens, retina and sclera. All these components work together to capture an image and then it is transmitted directly to the brain’s occipital lobe through the optic nerve. Our eye moves with the help of series of muscles. Even a slight damage to our Eyes can lead to a great problem.

So whenever you find some problem with your eyes immediately consult a medical counsellor online, who will help you to get proper treatment.

Now-a-days many people face problems related to Eyes and it can be cured to some extent with proper treatment, below are some of the Eye problems:


Person suffering from farsightedness can see things that are far away but it is difficult to see things that are close to you, hyperopic is the technical term used for Farsightedness. You are very farsighted if you can only see objects that are very far away. It is a very common problem and easy to correct

Symptoms of far sightedness include factors like

Burning or an aching sensation around your eyes.
Squinting to see well.
Headache after focusing for long time on something  very close (for egg- reading or other such tasks)

How to Treat Farsightedness

One of the ways to correct farsightedness is to get prescription eyeglasses or contact lenses. These lenses helps you to focus better by changing the way light enter your eyes.  It can also be treated by refractive surgery. Procedures such as (LASIK) which is often used to treat nearsightedness can also be used to the treat farsightedness, it uses a laser to change your cornea’s curvature which will make the light refract correctly, projecting a focused image onto your retina.


Under this you can see objects that are near to you but it is very difficult to see objects that are far away,  It is also known as Myopia. Nearsightedness is common and can be treatable.


Eyes feel tired.


Using Eyeglasses and contact lenses would help solve the problem, these devices shifts the focus of light as it enters your eye thereby compensating for the curvature of your cornea or the elongation of your eye.

The permanent form of correction for near sightedness is Refractive surgery, which is also known as laser eye surgery. This helps to reshape your cornea to focus light onto the retina.

Dry Eye Syndrome

There are three layers of Tears out of which the outer layer is made of oil, the middle layer is made of water and the third layer i.e. the inner layer is made up of mucus, what happens in Dry Eye Syndrome is that the gland that produce various elements of your tears no more produce enough water, oil or mucus. Your eyes cannot maintain a steady supply of moisture when oil is missing from your tears as it quickly evaporates.


Redness in eyes
Eyes get tired frequently


Artificial Tears

Using Eye drops that increase your eye moisture is one of the most common treatments   for dry eye syndrome. Many a time’s artificial tears work well on patients.

Lacrimal Plugs

Sometimes doctors use plugs to block the drainage holes in the corners of your eyes this procedure slows tear loss and is relatively painless. Doctor may suggest plugs as a permanent solution in case your condition is serious.


Anti-inflammatory medicine called as cyclosporine is most commonly prescribed for dry eye syndrome; it reduces the risk of damage to your cornea and increases the amount of tears in your eyes.


Incase no other treatment work   your doctor may recommend surgery. To maintain an adequate amount of tears the drainage holes at the inner corners of your eyes may be permanently plugged.


You should always have a diet with sufficient proteins and vitamins which is essential for the health of your eyes. Your doctor may recommend Omega-3 essential fatty acid supplements to enhance the oil content of the eye. Usually these supplements should be taken regularly for the period of at least three months to see an improvement.

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