Travelling in London? Why Not Visit Some Places That Serve up the Best Pizza in the City?


London serves the most delicious pizza of any European city. You can also see most of the popular mainstream pizza spots all over the city. Therefore, if you are visiting London this year, and want to pack in as much as you could, find below the most popular destinations London has to offer.

Santa Maria Pizzeria

Looking for better pizza during your trip? Take a trip to Santa Maria Pizzeria. As a matter of fact, Santa Maria Pizzeria offers all the classics as well as seasonal variations. Try a top-class slice with tomato, a blend of mozzarella and a cheese sauce. Once you're inside, you should try the Santa Bufalina. Besides, as a part of the Neapolitan pizza resurgence, you can taste an authentic Neapolitan pizza. So before taking a bus or train for a day of exploration, you can just enjoy a pizza there.

Hai Cenato, Victoria

Hai Cenato is an absolute must for anyone in London looking for world's most delicious pizzas. This sweet spot serves an interesting selection of pizzas. You can also take the opportunity to eat out at this place, and enjoy an unforgettable moment with your family. Therefore, the choice of the basic ingredients is extraordinary. As a case in point, if you go there for the pizza topped with speck, spinach, n'duja, anchovy and harissa, this is the right place for you. This is also a pilgrimage site for all apart from any other attractions you may tempt to explore like museums, galleries, zoos, etc. You can even hire a luxury car to discover more places around London as proposed by

Bravi Ragazzi, Streatham

Looking to grab a slice in London for your itinerary? Look no further than Bravi Ragazzi. It is in fact in pursuit of the perfect dough. Bravi Ragazzi mixes the quality of traditional Neapolitan pizzas. To be more precise, this pizzeria serves up Neapolitan-style pies in London style with classic ingredients and excellent combinations. Don't miss out this spot during your travel and enjoy the best pizza that London has to offer. For example, you can spend your weekend by visiting places, and eat pizza when you will get hungry.

L’Antica Pizzeria

Don’t stick to just the tourist spots when planning a trip. You can eat a slice while you’re walking around the city of London. L'Antica Pizzeria is one of the best pizzerias in London. It is a must visit. L’Antica Pizzeria forms dough and tops it with tomato, mozzarella, black olives, courgette, aubergine, parmesan, artichokes, basil and olive oil- the classic! Moreover, with the extra air inside this pizzeria, it is well worth the price of admission just for the atmosphere.

Crate Brewery

Want to create memories on your journey and a never-ending craving for some pizza crust? Head to the Crate Brewery, which provides the Middle Eastern lamb variety, with a small selection of toppings. With the right amount of flavourful toppings, Crate Brewery is the perfect destination to stop by. It is also known for making the best pizzas in London. It would probably be the most authentic experience for your trip to London.

Mimmo La Bufala

Any visit to London has to include at least one pizza. The choice of where to eat a pizza is vast in London, so why not get to Mimmo La Bufala? The quality of the pizza is guaranteed. Furthermore, there’s so much variety with pizza toppings that you would never get bored of eating it. Try a Margherita to test how good the city is. Afterwards, you can discover some new places to enjoy your holiday.

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