Top Strategies to Make Your Business Grow Through Printing After COVID-19

Top Strategies to Make Your Business Grow Through Printing After COVID-19

There are billions of brainy people inhabiting the planet Earth. All of them have their unique minds working in a very peculiar manner. By every passing second, these old minds are replaced by the new ones as one generation of people dies and the next one takes its spot. Thus, the cycle of innovation and creativity never stops. And with every new decade comes novel and bombastic ideas.

In the printing industry, as the number of players has increased drastically, it is important to keep pace with the ever revolutionizing world to make sure that you do not get kicked out of the game. Although COVID-19 has temporarily paralyzed the business industry, by following the following tips, you can grow your business at a much faster pace.     

Significance of Inspiration In the Life of a Designer

Being a designer is not easy. This is because you always have to thrive to think of something new, something different, something up-to-the-minute, something which others have not come up with yet, and so on. They are the ones who have trained their minds to think outside the box. Their minds are not bound by the shackles of traditional and typical ideas. But sometimes, they get stuck because of a lack of inspiration. The following ideas will help you open some chambers of your brain.


The significance of personalization and customization in the print industry can never be overemphasized. This is because if you want your business to climb up the leaders of success, you have to understand the consumer’s requirements and develop a statement or initiatives that will speak to your customers. Putting the wishes of the clients on the paper and molding them in such a way that they get affiliated with your brand is the key to success.

Considering recent circumstances we must be careful while working at an office/business place i.e. any place outside home. One can pick thousands of viruses unknowingly through touch or air. So, don’t forget to cover your face and other exposed body parts while heading to work. You can use an ordinary scarf for this purpose. But currently tubular bandanas are in trend. Ensuring hygiene and providing protection against germs and harmful UV rays. 


It is not easy to portrait the image which matches perfectly with your content. Nothing can be better than shooting your stock photography. This is because you know what exactly you want and how you want it to be. Moreover, it will not only widen your horizon of lighting and composition but will also be a great eye-opener to some technical skills. It will also enhance creative skills as designing and photography go hand in hand.

Accordion Book

Accordion book is worth going for. It is not everyone’s piece of cake but it is one of the most effective ways to attract attention and deliver the message in no time. It is a comprehensive and precise informative innovative piece of paper. They not only improve the designer’s skills but also lay a positive effect on his,

  • Craftsmanship
  • Thoughtfulness
  • Artistic approach
  • Eye for innovation
  • Innovation and so on.

Posters & Prints

There is a hell lot of difference between an ordinary designer and a print designer. This is because other designers only have to think of an idea and work on it. But a print designer has to be an innovator and a technician as well. When you are a print designer, you must have complete command over software and applications like Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign.

Otherwise, all you will have will be a rough draft. These applications will help you perfectly polish the draft and get a masterpiece out of them. The use of these tools will not only help you explore new techniques to become a designer of huge capacity but will also prove to be a great source of inspiration. The rest of the work is done by companies which provide some of the best printing services like Etsy of all time.

Go Through Books & Magazines

One of the oldest and most effective sources of inspiration is a book. It has been seen in history that people who read more had more innovative minds. This is because a book is a time-traveling machine; it can take you in both the past and future giving a limitless exposure to the world. It also enables you to see the world through someone else’s perspective.

The same thing goes with magazines. A book usually covers one theme. But a magazine is far more pictorial, precise, and readable. It covers diverse topics and as you jump from one section to another, you can create a new thing by making an amalgam of completely unrelated things that always turn out to be a work of art.

Start from the Scratch

When the artists and designers from throughout the world were asked what the most difficult thing is for them, almost all of them shared the same problem. It was to write the first sentence or draw the first line. No matter how many ideas go through designers’ minds while they are in a café with friends having a cup of coffee, when they finally grab their laptops to put them together, they are usually lost. They just don’t know where to start. So, if you are facing the same problem then the perfect remedy for this is to move back to the paper and pencil era.

It is not a compulsory thing for your drawing skills to be masterly as you are just looking for a place to start from. You can consider writing a few words, some irrational sentences, some sort of notions or concepts, you can do doodling or whatever you think will help you. Such raw material helps a lot in getting the required inspiration.

Unique Typeface     

Creating a typeface can prove to be one of the hardest nuts to crack. Almost all the designers can come up with an ordinary typeface but coming up with something which proves to be an incredible addition to the portfolio is not everyone’s piece of cake. Moreover, print designers usually do not heed it so much which is a huge mistake. If you want your project to stand out of the others then you have to heed every single detail.

You can make use of different flexible tools and roam around your brain looking for something exclusive. You can consider playing with different colors and fonts and extract some marvelous ideas. Different colors stimulate different parts of the brain which keeps it active and aids in more efficient working. Thus, trying to create a new typeface can also act as a majestic source of inspiration.

Back Up Your Idea With a Proper Story

All the designers who have ever developed masterpieces have stories to back up the idea. Yin Yang which is a Chinese sign does not mind-blowing on the very first look. But as soon as the spectators are told about the story of black representing evil and white representing goodness and the fact that black spot in white is evil in goodness and white spot in black is goodness in evil, makes them the biggest appreciator of this sign.

In short, any design, idea, concept, or notion without a story is meaningless. So, all the designers who are looking for inspiration may find it around them by just being a bit of a critical observant. People who have a deep insight into simple things in their life usually come up with implausible ideas. The same strategy is used by the artists who showcase their work in exhibitions.           

Take Help from Humor

There is no doubt in the fact that humor is a gift that all the innovative minders are blessed with. It is also a skill and making appropriate use of it can help you discover novel ideas too. Using funny and moderately hilarious logos attracts the attention of a greater audience. All you need to do is open the cage and let the ideas fly free in the air. Don’t be reluctant to use strange designs as greater the chances of your ideas to stand out of the crowd, the more successful they will be. 

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