Top React Native Libraries to Use in Your Next Mobile App Project

top react native libraries

App developers have discovered React Native app development to be the key to building robust mobile applications, a trend that has increased since 2015.

Whenever you are working on a new app project, time is of the essence. Several React Native libraries can prove to be time-saving tools. The Ready-to-Use Component Libraries provided by React Native can assist app developers in accelerating the development process and reducing the resources and time needed to be spent constructing their applications.

GitHub says React Native is one of the top-rated repositories according to the number of contributors, so there's no doubt it's one of the most active open-source communities.

If you are looking to build your mobile app, there is a tremendous amount of free modules and third-party libraries available for you to choose from.

This article aims to examine the most highly recommended React Native libraries for 2023.

Market-leading React Native libraries in 2023

It is well known that the React Native community is one of the most vibrant on the internet, and its repository is rated highly by contributors on GitHub. Everything you need in your project can be found in this collection of libraries and modules. However, it is always recommended to hire React Native Developers to get the best assistance possible.

We have put down the list of market-leading React Native libraries:

React Native Paper

Based on Google's Material Designs, React Native Paper is a cross-platform library that offers a React Native UI that is based on a cross-platform API. React Native Paper is a component developed by the official React Native partner, Callstack, which supports the theming process and offers ready-to-use components for production use.

You can reduce the bundle size using a Babel plugin when using this library. There will be an exclusion of all the modules in your app that are not used by your app and a requirement to include only those imported into the app's component files.

React Navigation

There is never a single screen in a mobile application. Multiple screens are typically managed by a navigator, who controls the presentation and transition between them. With React Navigation, common navigation patterns can be presented on Android and iOS devices.

Packages are available for various navigators, including stacks, tabs, and drawers. With the tool's unlimited customization, platform-specific functionality, and ease of use, you can create complex app architectures with multiple navigators organized by platform.

React Native UI Kitten

There is a React Native UI library called UI Kitten that allows you to create stunning mobile applications compatible with multiple platforms that cater to various brands. Based on the Eva Design System, the application is designed, developed consistently, and scalable. A large set of general-purpose UI components are provided, styled similarly. What's more, it's possible to change the themes at runtime without reloading the application, which is the coolest part of the application.

Lottie for React Native

The Lottie for React Native library provides developers with a fast and easy method for creating animations for their applications. Aiming to reproduce After Effects animations on mobile devices and online, AirBnB developed it in 2017. With vector animations, the performance of the application will be greatly enhanced. Having the animation data exported in JSON format makes it truly magical. In a short period, the library gained a large following among programmers and reached 14.2 thousand stars on the GitHub platform.

React Native Material UI

Material design components are available for React Native that can be easily customized. Developers can take advantage of a wide variety of components offered by the creators of this library, including action buttons, toolbars, drawers, subheaders, and dividers. The themes are available in both light and dark modes. There are 3.7K stars on GitHub for React Native Material UI, which is impressive.

React Native Elements

A simple, easy-to-use, and easy-to-customize library is React Native Elements, one of the most convenient and oldest libraries that is always available. It is a cross-platform UI toolkit intended as a ready-made package for developers, offering them API, look, and feel in a ready-made package. A wide range of components is available in React Native, including pricing, overlays, star ratings, and many others that allow developers to develop cross-platform apps. Due to its flexibility in terms of graphical look and feel, you can customize components as you see fit.


It is essential to remember that these are just a few of the many component libraries available for React Native development. You can find several others if you require building robust and user-oriented applications. Component libraries provided by React Native are great sources for your next app development project's requirements that can be leveraged to reduce the time required to build well-functional applications. If you are not well aware of the React Native but want the high-end app for your business, it is best to hire developers.

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