Top 7 Dental Marketing Ideas

7 effective dental marketing ideas

Developing a grand marketing strategy is essential for all kind of businesses. It takes a lot of exercises and thinking to formulate the best marketing strategy which can increase clientage base.

In today's world of the internet, if you don't have a website, it means you don't have any intention to progress.

It doesn't matter whether you are running a mobile business, selling used cars, working as a fashion designer or even if you are a dentist, marketing is the only element to your survival.

Best dental marketing ideas 2018Grabbing new patients/clients and retaining the existing ones entirely depends on your medical or dental marketing plan.

Without marketing, you can't even tell your audience that 'YES' you are also existing. Without marketing, your business is just like a smartphone without wifi.

Needless to say that marketing is essential, you better believe this.

Here I'm going to share top 7 dentist marketing methods you must adopt in 2018 for a booming dentistry business.

1- Custom Website

A DIY website is a good option. But, a custom dental website is the most excellent option. A custom site will provide all the features you've in your mind.

Benefits of custom and responsive dental website

There are so many free website builders out there. But remember, building a free website will damage the credibility and progress of your business. DIY website builders always have a limited amount of features.

So, a custom website for your dentistry business is the best and professional approach to present your services online.

2- Responsive Design

A responsive website is a site which adjusts itself according to the screen resolution. The responsive or mobile-friendly website is an essential component of a great marketing plan.

According to Dailymail, 77% of Americans owned a smartphone. So, if your site is not responsive, you might not progress well in the game.

With so many Americans, who are searching on their smartphones for health-related topics. If your website is not responsive, you might lose too many prospective patients.

So, a responsive dental site is the must to grab the attention of the millions of the Americans.

3- Search Engine Optimization

After creating a custom and responsive dental website, it's time to go for search engine optimization (SEO). SEO is the name of gaining top page ranking in search engines against relevant keywords.

For example, you are a dental practitioner in the Chicago. Now, suppose someone searches for 'best dentist in Chicago.' Your website is on the top of the page, and the visitor will visit your site, read about your expertise, and eventually books an appointment with you. And here is another new client/patient for you.

SEO is a lot economical as compared to other expensive marketing methods.

So, SEO is necessary. If you are ignoring it, it means you are losing.

4- Social Media Marketing

In 2018, if you are using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube only for watching funny videos or images. There is no bigger fool than you.

Marketing techniques are improving with every day passes. Adopting social media marketing is imperative only if you want to run a flourishing healthcare business.

Social media marketing for small businesses

All you need to do, build a robust presence across all the social media's platforms. Start posting informative and educational videos & infographics.

Eventually, you will see an enormous amount of progress in your business. Read here more about top 9 do's and don'ts of social media for small businesses.

5- Email Marketing

Email marketing could be beneficial if you use it in the right way. If your email marketing is not working, its time to change your strategies.

Don't send the promotional newsletters to your subscriber. Instead of this, start throwing the informative newsletter. For example, if you create a blog post on a topic 'How to Floss Your Teeth', send it to your subscribers, instead of promotional newsletters.

This will build more trustworthiness of your practice in the mind of the readers.

6- Google My Business Listing

Google my business listing is another most crucial element of a lucrative dental clinic marketing campaign. It also helps you in gaining good ranking in the search engines.

Without Google, my business listing it might become difficult to gain rankings in local search queries.

So, as a dentist, it is must for you to add your business details to Google My Business Listing. Thus, people could find you easily.

7- Your Online Reputation

Mostly, online buyers, prefer to buy from those who possess an excellent online reputation. If your status is not high out there, people will start thinking negatively about you. And even a single bad review on your Facebook page could damage the validity of your million dollars business.

If your online reputation is not good, fix it immediately.

How to manage a good online reputation?

For example, If a patient had a bad experience at your dental clinic, try to make contact with the patient as soon as possible. Listen to his problem and clear it up immediately.

Turn his lousy review into a good one, and keep in mind not repeat any kind of mistake with any other patient.

Bottom Line

In the end, I must say that all these marketing techniques (I’ve mentioned above) are imperative to the success of your dental, medical or any healthcare business. Adopt these techniques in 2018 and increase your healthcare business.

So, what do you think? What are techniques you are going to adopt for your dental business?

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