Top 6 Front-End Development Skills Your Remote Developers Must Have

Top 6 Front-End Development Skills Your Remote Developers Must Have

A lot of times, we look at a website and wonder how so many features were embedded to create its design. The answer is front-end web development. This implies that an impactful website design is impossible without a front-end developer, but hiring for skilled developers locally can be very expensive and time-consuming. The availability of experienced front-end developers with T-shaped skills made several business owners from across the world to outsource their front-end development requirements. They prefer to outsource front-end development to India as the developers there are adept at delivering exceptional results by redefining front-end programming. All this at almost 70% lower costs and easier scalability.

If outsourcing is on your mind and you are confused regarding the top skills for a front-end developer that your virtual employees must have, you are at the perfect place today. Here are the 6 most sought-after skills that your remote front-end developers must possess:

1. API (Application Programming Interface) and RESTful Services

A sort of lightweight architecture, REST implies Representational State Transfer that simplifies web network communication. To adhere to this special architecture, web services like RESTful and APIs are used. These services might sound a little too technical but they have become an inseparable part of the process of front-end development. Basically, these are a simple lay down of practices and guidelines that help in setting a user’s expectations in terms of the way to communicate with a web service. The front-end developers use them to improve the performance, scalability, reliability, and ease of modification and movement of a web service.

2. Responsive Mobile Designing

Expertise in creating a responsive design for your website’s mobile version is probably one of the most preferred skills for a front-end developer. Why? Because most people from over the world access internet from their mobile phones rather than their computer systems! Mobile screens are smaller than the screens of desktop computers, and displaying a simplified view on both the devices is important. An experienced front-end developer is proficient in transforming a website’s layout (look and feel) to fit the screen size of a user’s mobile phone. This greatly affects the UX (User Experience) of your website’s mobile version.

3. Cross-Browser Development

So, we just understood that displaying a responsive website design across different platforms is very important. Similarly, keeping up a website’s signature design pattern across different web browsers is crucial. Consistent website display is usually not a problem for the modern browsers, but the way they interpret codes behind the scenes can still be different. Hence, cross-browser development is a much-needed skill of a nifty front-end developer (at least till all modern browsers comply with the universal web standards).

4. E-Commerce Platforms and CMSs (Content Management Systems)

A CMS is a basic prerequisite for almost every website today. CMSs like WordPress (the most popular one), Joomla, Magento and Drupal are the foundation of millions of websites in the online world. In fact, e-commerce platforms are also a unique type of CMS. Indian front-end developers are exceptionally skilled in these Content Management Systems and many website owners outsource front-end development to India for this desirable quality.

5. Version Control Systems

Coding needs to be regularly altered over time and version control systems like Git help you keep track of these changes. Imagine the pain of starting all over if a developer accidentally messes up something in the middle of changing the codes. Now if your front-end developer has a knowhow version control systems, he can easily revert back the design to the previous version. This opens up a developer’s opportunities to experiment with different solutions until he gets it all perfect at last.

6. Testing and Debugging

As disturbing as it might sound, bugs are a bitter reality in the life of a front-end developer. This makes ‘testing and debugging’ another important skill in the resume of your remote developer. While testing refers to the checking of roadblocks in the path of coding, debugging simply means pulling out these bugs (fixing the errors) one by one.

Summing Up

Hiring locally has its own perks, as far as front-end development is concerned. However, outsourcing front-end development to India is a master idea with no side effects. Most of the reputed outsourcing service providers offer free trials so that you can assess the skills of your virtual front-end developers before finally hiring them. Refer to the above-mentioned points to check their skillet to the best of your ability. Here’s wishing you a lively website design soon!

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