Top 5 Pure Herbal Products for Infants - Natural & Safe to Use

Top 5 Pure Herbal Products for Infants - Natural & Safe to Use


The children are happy because they don’t have a file in their minds called “All the things that could go wrong”. That’s why childhood is the most precious and lovely phase of life. Everyone wants to live their childhood once again so that they can make the most of it. No doubt children are the world’s most valuable resource and they also are the best hope for the future. But the future and child both are happy and bright if the health of the child is taken seriously. We go for various vaccinations so that our child won’t get any infectious disease but sometimes we never look into the small facts which are indeed needed to be taken care of. That is the digestion of your child. When a child is small we are responsible for taking care of them but as they grow old we forget that like we are taking care of our digestion, our child also is to be taught to do the same. So in this article, there are some herbal formulations mentioned exclusively to take care of your children's digestive tract and keep them away from upcoming diseases. The main focus will be on indigestion and abdominal colic.

Causes For indigestion and abdominal colic in children

The causes for indigestion in case of children can be many and few of them can be due to our mistake. But the most common causes for abdominal colic and indigestion are as follows:

  1. Eating too much and too fast: Young children tend to develop their own taste and be too excited during meal time. In such a situation when children over eat or gobble their food quickly at that time they can land with digestion troubles.
  2. Eating foods which are too fibrous or acidic: Too oily, too sugary, too spicy food also cause indigestion. In addition, foods rich in vegetables, fruits can cause bloating and cramping in the stomach.  
  3. Eating too close to bedtime: Our hectic schedules can result in the delayed dinner timing. In such conditions chances of heartburn or acid formation are more.   
  4. Gastric irritation due to medicine: Children are prone to allergy and infections. As a result, intake of antibiotics, antihistamines can hamper their digestion. As this class of medicine disturbs the gastric mucosa.
  5. Childhood Obesity: Childhood obesity, especially developing apple shaped obesity results in excessive fat to develop around the belly thus creating pressure and resulting in acid reflux. In ayurveda, obesity results in blocked micro channels and contributes in wording the digestion.   
  6. Bad sleeping patterns: Children might eat on time but do not go to sleep on time. Thus lands with incomplete evacuation.
  7. Post dinner Munching: The most bad habit children nowadays are developing is post dinner munching. This also causes digestion disturbance, acid reflux, chest pains, gas, cavities etc. 

Symptoms of indigestion and abdominal colic in children

The symptoms in case of indigestion and abdominal colic in Children are as follows

  1. Pain or burning in the upper belly or upper part of abdomen
  2. Abdominal colic (Associated with a lot of crying in infants)
  3. Bloating (Hard abdomen with either absence of flatus passing or with smelly flatus passage)
  4. Lots of burping
  5. Heartburn

Impressive Pure Herbal products for indigestion and abdominal colic in children

  1. Infee Syrup (Zandu)
  2. Arvindasav  (Planet Ayurveda)
  3. Bonnison (Himalaya)
  4. Colimin Drops (Trio)
  5. Balchaturbhadrika (Dhootapapeshwar)

Product Description

1. Infee Syrup (Zandu)

The Infee syrup is a powerful preparation manufactured by Zandu especially for children. The ingredients in this formulation are Licorice – (Glycyrrhiza glabra) and Giloy (Tinospora cordifolia). These two herbs have an impact on the respiratory system as well as on the gastrointestinal  system. They protect both systems from recurrent infections and build immunity of the child. Immediate hypersensitivity is also inhibited by these two herbs. 

2. Arvindasav  (Planet Ayurveda)

This is a classical preparation from Planet Ayurveda. It is a magical formulation for adolescence and is in liquid form. The preparation is manufactured by the process of fermentation and has ingredients like Kamal Phool (Nelumbium speciosum),  Khus (Vetiveria zizanioides), Gambihri (Gmelina arborea), and many others. The formulation is quite helpful in improving digestion-related troubles in children and also helps in maintaining adequate weight. It is a general tonic for children of all ages.

3. Bonnison (Himalaya)

Bonnison is an impressive formulation by Himalaya company. This formulation has extensive effect in relieving common digestive complaints in children/Infants especially the abdominal colic. The formulation has ingredients like Guduchi (Tinospora cordifolia), Dil oil (Anethum sowa) and Amalaki (Emblica officinalis). In addition, the formulation helps in improving the digestive system and eases excessive bloating along with flatulence.

4. Colimin Drops (Trio)

Colimin drops is an exclusive product prepared by Trio company especially for children's digestive health. The Colimin drops have ingredients like Black Salt (Sauvarchal lavana), Hingu Niryas (Ferula assafoetida), Nimbak Sat (Citrus acida), Shatpushpa Fruits (Anethum sowa), Elayachi Fruits (Elettaria cardamomum) and many others. The formulation has an impressive impact in treating stomach pain, bloating along with abdominal cramps in children. It also relieves pain associated with excessive acidity or gas. Recurrent infection pain can be relieved by this formulation and also improves the entire digestion of the child.

5. Balchaturbhadrika (Dhootapapeshwar)

The balchaturbhadrika is an impressive formulation by Dhootpapeshwar manufactured to help in child related digestive troubles. The formulation has ingredients like Pippali (Piper longum), Ativisha (Aconitum heterophyllum) and others. The formulation has quite an impact in solving flatulence, gas, acidity, indigestion, burning in stomach etc. and has an effective result in respiratory conditions as well. Ativisha in this formulation is best to be used in diarrhoea.




The Formulations mentioned above are totally safe to be used in children and give impressive results. The children's digestion is sensitive, that’s why they need something to make it strong so that their digestive tract is not recurrently affected. The herbs in above formulations also help in dosha pacification and eliminate ama or endotoxins from the body.

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