Top 5 Features to Look Out for When Buying a Dishwasher

Modern Dishwasher

Dishwashers may be alien to some regions of the world, but they are increasingly becoming popular as various countries from emerging markets continue to work on improving the living standards of their citizens. 

Some people still prefer to clean their utensils and cutlery manually, while others are restricted by low budgets and their place of residence. Nonetheless, more people are now choosing to embrace technological trends by investing in a home dishwasher.

To some, the decision on which dishwasher to buy and the process itself is straightforward. Others seek the opinions of their friends and relatives for advice, while others dive into the world of online shopping to check out the latest reviews from happy customers.

But in general, there are key aspects of a dishwasher that every customer wants to look at before committing to buy the product.

Most popular features of a dishwasher that customers ask about

The price of the dishwasher always comes to mind when shopping for one. Customers want to save as much as possible without compromising on the quality of the dishwasher they get. However, there are more factors that come into play that may not be as obvious to some prospective dishwasher buyers. Here is a quick rundown of a few that tend to stand out for most buyers.

Quiet dishwasher: Most dishwashers make a lot of noise while doing their job. This can, at times, be very disturbing, especially if guests are around or in families where there are infants trying to catch some daytime nap. Old models are often the loudest, and they get even louder as they age through wear and tear.

Energy-efficient dishwasher: Another feature that most dishwasher buyers look out for before making the purchase is the energy efficiency of the product. Technological advances have made it possible to develop more energy-efficient products that are friendly to the environment. And now, top dishwasher manufacturers have adapted their products to these technologies in a bid to provide the market with affordable, energy-efficient dishwashers to capture a bigger addressable market. Consumers go for energy-efficient dishwashers because they can cut the overall cost of energy consumption.

Adjustable rack dishwasher: Most dishwashers have a third rack positioned at the top level. These racks can be adjustable or removable. With an adjustable rack dishwasher, the user can easily adjust the top rack by folding it to accommodate taller items in the second rack. A dishwasher with an adjustable third rack comes in handy for cleaning silverware because there is no nesting the way it is when placed in the basket.

Stainless steel dishwasher: A stainless steel dishwasher is the preferred choice of many buyers, especially those with a bigger budget. One of the main reasons that people choose stainless steel tub dishwashers as compared to plastic tub dishwashers is the ability to clean dishes at high temperatures. With a stainless steel tub dishwasher, the water can be heated to a high temperature, which makes cleaning the dishes easier. It also retains heat better, which increases the efficiency of the drying cycle, and is also non-corrosive.

Portable dishwasher: While most dishwashers in developed economies are built-in, some are actually portable. This means that they can work almost in any home regardless of the situation and offer far more flexibility to the user. For instance, they have multi-purpose tops that can be used when preparing food or for storage.  Some have also suggested that, in the right circumstances, a portable dishwasher can clean better than a built-in. Portability also makes it ideal for those living in temporary residences.


In summary, dishwashers are becoming more common even in developing countries. This means that more people are switching from manual cleaning to automated dishwashers. However, with so many potential buyers still lacking knowledge about the market overall, it is important to do prior research before committing to buy one.

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