Top 3 Examples of Kickass Long Sales Pages

Top 3 Examples of Kickass Long Sales Pages

Trying to craft a high-converting sales page? Looking for inspiration and the best examples of long-form sales pages? Look no further as below you will discover the top 3 examples of kickass long sales pages which you must see if you want to master the art of effective sales page design. We have gathered the best examples from the entire web for you to see. Enjoy!

Why Sales Pages Are Important

Let’s be honest, copywriting works. It has always worked, it works and it will continue working. Social media, VR, whatever - nothing is going to change it. Marketing channels change, marketing principles and human psychology do not. Therefore, sales pages will always remain effective marketing instruments if you use the right web design services and know how to design them the right way. And when it comes to designing sales pages, one thing we know for sure is…

The More You Tell, The More You Sell or Why Length Matters in Copy

Yes, that’s just the way human psychology works. The more useful and relevant information you provide, the bigger the trust and engagement of the potential customer. Buyers need a certain amount of information before they can make a purchase. They want to be sure that buying from you is the right thing to do and they want you to explain to them in detail why it is so.

Therefore, providing more relevant and adequate information should increase your chances to land a sale. Note, we’re not saying that length itself guarantees more sales. But if done the right way, long sales copy will always result in higher conversions and consequently, more revenue. So, with this being said, let’s take a look at some of the best long sales copy examples from the web:

The Renegade Diet

We absolutely love this kickass sales page for Jason Feruggia’s book, The Renegade Diet. While it’s not the longest one out there, it has a sufficient length and provides enough adequate information to persuade a reader to make a purchase. Also, the design of the page is gorgeous. It uses a very effective color combination of red, black and white. The copy describes in detail the contents of the book and explains the value proposition.

It has impressive testimonials, FAQ section, and a 60-day money-back guarantee. In short, it employs psychological triggers for persuading readers such as social proof and handling objections. In short, it’s one of the best kickass long sales pages out there at the moment.

Live Off Your Passion

This long sales page by Live Off Your Passion is really impressive. First, it has a unique and beautiful design. Secondly, it uses a sales video. Third, it is long and has a ton of different sections such as testimonials, FAQ, guarantees, etc. It answers all the questions any reader might have and provides all the information necessary for making a decision to join the program.

Digital Marketer

When it comes long sales copy, the guys at Digital Marketer know what they are doing. This sales page is quite long. It has a really persuasive long-form copy. In fact, we’d say it’s one of the best examples of brilliant copy ever! By all means, take your time to read their sales page - you’ll be impressed. Besides smart copy and length, the page has a clean design, uses the right typography and also employs the key psychological triggers for persuading the readers to buy.

Final Thoughts

Copywriting is both art and science. When you combine long form copy with smart UX and web design you can expect really impressive results. Fortunately, there is a ton of brilliant examples of high-converting sales pages which you can draw inspiration from. Learn from them and apply what you learn to your own sales copy. Good luck!

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