Top 10 IoT Cloud Platforms in 2017

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IoT platforms are essential to any IoT solutions and they cannot function properly without one. This is why they are so many IoT platforms as a service available on the market at the moment. Simply put, people need IoT platforms which are reliable and scalable and this is not easy to achieve.

These platforms as a service are places where all of the information regarding connected internet of things devices is stored, processed, and sent. It is simply impractical to set up an in-house system for this purpose since maintenance, upgrades, and security checks could cost a lot of money and this is why cloud platforms are the answer.

This is a fresh market and a lot of people recognized this business opportunity. This has lead to the market being filled with IoT cloud platforms and choosing the right one in this whole sea could be difficult. Today, we will briefly present you with the top 10 platforms (in our opinion).

1 Azure IoT Platform

The microsoft Azure IoT suite has a lot of features including cloud storage, machine learning, and various IoT services, and this has skyrocketed this hub into one of the best IoT platforms. This platform offers many benefits and its very user friendly. This is why it remains competitive.

2 Oracle IoT Platform

Since it came out in 2016, Oracle was one of the key players on the market. The Oracle IoT cloud service consists out of three important elements including connectivity, analysis, and integration. Connectivity helps users collect data in a reliable and secure way. Analysis gives big data processing options and real-time analytics. Integration features an API that offers many integrations with various applications.

3 Salesforce IoT Platform

Salesforce is designed as a customer relations management solution. This cloud platform is supported by Thunder which allows quick and real-time decisions to be made within the cloud. The main purpose behind this platform is to allow businesses to create better interactions with their customers.

4 IBM Watson IoT Platform

This platform provides utmost security for connecting various types of devices together. No matter if we are talking about simple devices or intelligent appliances, with this platform, you will easily be able to create and run IoT solutions for a whole enterprise. It is very beginner-friendly.

5 Google IoT Cloud Platform

The largest search giant has also taken interest in the Internet of Things. This is why they developed the Google Cloud Platform by relying on their machine intelligence, analytics and web-scale processing capabilities that they developed over they years. This platform is made simple and easy to use. It works very quickly and has Google-level security.

6 Amazon IoT Platform

Amazon is currently ruling the cloud market in terms of consumers. This is the first company that recognized the potential of the cloud when they introduced it to their customers way back in 2004. This is one of the most sophisticated platforms, as the company invested so much time and effort in creating innovative features. This platform can support billions of different devices and a trillion different interactions that they can have.

7 Cisco IoT Platform

Cisco is one of the leaders in IT services and this is why they decided to develop a mobility cloud based software hub to provide their users with more IoT opportunities. This is also a good customer relationship management platform. They also say that their goal is to allow businesses to make more money with their platform.

8 Bosch IoT Platform

This is a German IT company that launched their own cloud platform to offer services that will compete with Amazon and similar platforms. The two pillars of their platform include efficiency and security. This is a very flexible platform which is open source, allowing businesses to adjust it to suit their needs.

9 Kaa IoT Platform

This is also an open source platform which can be used to create all around end-to-end solutions for connecting smart devices and applications. Its architecture makes this platform very easy to use and very fast.

10 GE Predix IoT Platform

Since it was released, this platform has been upgraded. It offers great data processing for systems that have applications which are constantly fed with information. It offers machine learning and a tool that has the power to recognize customer questions and help give them quicker answers.

This is our top 10 list for IoT cloud platforms which any of the IoT application development company can choose. If you think that we missed an important vendor, feel free to share your opinion and mention platforms that you think are good.

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